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  1. Default What do YOU miss?

    I was reading Basil and SP's "What came when" thingies and I'm kind of confused to when I joined... I KNOW for a fact it was December 2005, and I know it was before Christmas because I know my friend (Who introduced me into Maple) got 10k NX for christmas... so according to Basil, I joined before 3rd Job? I guess so... weird.

    Alright I know a lot of you probably miss the same things, but I'm sure each of us has that one special thing we miss about the game. Doesn't have to be Pre-Big Bang, just anything no longer in the game...

    Personally, I miss CPQ. I was very bad at the game back then (highest level pre-bb was 59) and almost all my characters got to 50 through CPQ (except my first of course - it wasnt out yet). Spent a good majority of my time doing it.

    What about you?


  2. Default Re: What do YOU miss?

    I miss the days when that popular hacking trainer didn't exist.

    But yeah I also miss CPQ a lot. No point bringing it back now unless Nexon cancels potential inside the PQ like they do for Balrog Expedition.

  3. Default Re: What do YOU miss?

    Yeah CPQ was so fun, I started my shadower during the time people actually played, by that I mean not exploit free/trade wins. And of course as LoveVictim stated.. I miss when that program wasn't around.

    Other things that I miss include;-

    Sheep vs wolf PQ - Perhaps my favourite event PQ, to me a symbol of how fun maple was during that era.
    For those who don't know what I mean

    Bigfoot - This is one of my most selfish wants. I pretty much funded my shadower from selling leech, before potential system kicked in my best friend and myself was perhaps one of the only bigfoot leech selling shadowers in bera(yes bera... this might actually give away my old identity)

    Visitor Event - Was a great party quest and well thought out event (which is rare from nexonNA) again like bigfoot amazing profit.

    Pre-Potential + Duping - I have never adjusted completely to this system. I don't exactly hate it, as a nx hoar in rehab I know how easy it makes it to be "godly" but the ceiling is way too high now. As for duping, it introduced items that shouldn't be possible to make then on top of that made them easy to obtain, making legitimate items decrease in value massively. Duping+potentials hurt GMS the hardest.

  4. Default Re: What do YOU miss?

    I think the basil thread is off a little because I know I started before school started back up (about August 30, 2005 or so) and I started on Broa. So I wouldn't be surprised if the dates on there are off.

    On topic: I actually miss Happyville, the first Halloween event (it was just so simple, kill fake coolies and jr. boogies to get candy to trade for a basket), and the old Vic Island layout. There are other things but I am blanking right now.

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    Default Re: What do YOU miss?

    I miss Newtie/Skele grind as a Ranger. ;_;

  6. Default Re: What do YOU miss?

    VPQ, my mechanic was my only character that could solo it and it brought all my funding.

  7. Default Re: What do YOU miss?

    I don't really miss much of the old days, maybe the excessive LudiPQ'ing since I really like the bgm for that PQ. But other than that, I don't really miss it at all, and I've been playing since maybe halfway through the first anniversary.


  8. Default Re: What do YOU miss?

    Ludi maze pq and Lower Ascent. The fact there wasnt potential too.

  9. Default Re: What do YOU miss?

    I miss old Masteria. I wasn't one of the ones clamoring for a Masteria update either. I miss pre-potential; I wouldn't mind the potential system as much if they made cubes some rareish in game drop or something.

    I also miss each class having more distinction. Warriors? No mobility, but high survival and mob control. Mages? Excellent training/mobbing, not so good for bossing. Archers? Highest DPS, but the worst survivability and less mobility. Thieves? No mob control, but higher survival rate than Archers, and the most mobility.

    Now? Everyone has a mobility skill. Everyone has a rush skill. Everyone can mob well AND 1v1 well. Everyone has an ultimate. Too many classes have stance. Accuracy is no longer an advantage for Archers nor a disadvantage for Warriors. Archers randomly get something similar to Shadow Shifter. The hell?
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  10. Default Re: What do YOU miss?

    I don't mind potential; it's the CS-facilitated potential manipulation that grinds my gears or gets my goat or whatever other quaint alliterative phrase you might care to use.

    I miss the old swamp entrance, and the crimson balrog's more frequent appearances, and ores dropping from monsters (...though I also like mining and think it's more convenient), and relatively uncluttered town maps, and having most things be actually tradeable.

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    Default Re: What do YOU miss?

    This is what I miss the most. :c Except for the self-bolded part (the not hating it) because I actually hate it with a passion, which is pretty much why I stopped playing.

    It felt great earning most of my things, or at the very least, getting them from completely legit sellers. And back then you needed some good connections to the higher ups to get the really good stuff. If you were a hacker, you'd be shunned. Now all you need to do is be rich and you're instantly godly. Level 200 is no longer an achievement. I'd wanted to get to 200 before quitting but that never happened because it just didn't seem worth it anymore.

    Does anyone remember the snowman event? Please tell me someone remembers the snowman event.

    Man, I got my first level 100 at Newties (old account)... and that was back when mini dungeons didn't exist. First 150 at Skeles! I miss that...

    @LoveVictim I'm probably slow and you probably mean LHC (which, btw, I honestly wish never existed, or at the very least, would have never been broken by hackers), but what is this about a hacker trainer?

  12. Default Re: What do YOU miss?

    Proper boss squads. 18-24 people on ventrilo at Horntail when it was actually something of a challenge, guild PQ, mostly things relating to community. Single player MapleStory isn't fun.

  13. Default Re: What do YOU miss?

    I miss the times when hackers and cheaters actually got excluded from the community. Zakum helm without being listed on SW? Piss off scumbag.
    I miss the old way of making areas where exploring did not always mean go from left to right and you will see every portal.
    I miss the old Masteria team.
    I miss high end bosses that required teamwork, not NX usage.
    My NL miss Avenger.

  14. Neutron
    IGN: ShyBladder
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    Default Re: What do YOU miss?

    I miss the friends who I haven't seen in 4-5 years. Had a nostalgic moment yesterday when I LPQ'd on my Phantom. The BGM brought up vivid memories of how crowded that place used to be, and how good it felt to kill Alishar. Every time you saw Master Chronos' pop up, you knew you were close in killing that motherpineappleer. Also the feeling of having some asshat steal your skull earrings and napoleons in bonus..priceless :D
    Also like other people already mentioned, the zakum squads. Anticipation before entering the altar, leaders organizing parties and an hour long battle. Just simply great.

  15. Default Re: What do YOU miss?

    Old friends :\

  16. Default Re: What do YOU miss?

    Definitely Monster Carnival. I could do that all day. Potential is cool, but the cubes suck.

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    Default Re: What do YOU miss?

    vpq ._.

    and i guess i could say anything before 2008 i guess, i was very nubby and low leveled for so long (didn't care about leveling that much, like always) and had no computer that could play maple, so i missed most of the events and stuff

  18. Default Re: What do YOU miss?

    Basically what most people said. I miss actually having to take the boat to orbis. I met a lot of people on that ship and became friends with some too... Having to dodge the Balrogs that came randomly and if you didnt go inside you saw tombstones everywhere lol... because back then their wasnt a lot of high levels to begin with. I miss a lot of things dealing with the OLD pq's (Ludi Maze, LPQ, Orbis) It was fun to me. Trying to see who would get in..using the blacklist as tracks etc..

    I miss the old happyville too. Christmas PQ(unglitched) part was fun as well as the Snowman event..Even though that was just a huge lag fest lol. Actually having guild wars. Well I guess ks wars..but ours were fun to me and in the end we became friends. Had a lot of fun times with my guild back then. So many memories..I think I still have over 1000 Screenshots of us.

    I have a question for the new people if their are any on here.. How do you make friends now a days? Back then it was so easy since EVERYONE PQ'd or the channels were so full you were bound to meet someone training in the same spot as you.

  19. Default Re: What do YOU miss?

    BMS, that's all.




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