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Thread: Ninja Patch?

  1. Default Ninja Patch?

    I realised familiars didn't lose vitality anymore, until I figured out they don't do damage either.
    What else was changed?

  2. Default Re: Ninja Patch?

    They changed familiars in that patch. I don't know if that's what you're referring to or not.

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    It's a glitch that recurs every so often. Not a ninja patch. That would require downtime.

    Edit: Kojo why are you linking to the patch notes from last patch? His question is not relevant to a "patch" at all.

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    >What else was changed?
    >Monster familiars registered following v.114's release are permanent.

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    Okay I suppose.

    The first part still isn't intentional! It's late. I'm going to bed. :(

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    That the familiars became permanent has nothing to do with them not losing vitality. Just for the record, if anyone got confused.

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    Because he was asking what else was changed. The patch notes in the patch that they made them permanent shows what else changed.

    Though I assumed he was talking about familiars being permanent. If not, there wasn't a patch for it.

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    Locked already replied and said that.

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    Default Re: Ninja Patch?

    I'm confused they offered permanent familiars in the cash shop a while ago, but they are already perma when you get them. So what was the big deal of the booster pack having perma ones again?

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    Misleading advertising to make money. OR they didn't realize what they did and just rolled with it.

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    Default Re: Ninja Patch?

    Familiars used to expire no matter how you got them.
    Now they don't.
    So presumably it's more worthwhile to pay for a booster pack, which can contain familiars that are near-impossible to obtain by hunting. Now that they don't expire, more people are likely to feel they'd get their money's worth from that.

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    Default Re: Ninja Patch?

    bit of both, first they announced that the familiars from buster packs would be perma, then the patch rolled in and everyone noticed that ALL familiars became perma. nexon just shrugged and added a ninja-edit on their notice saying all familiars were perma now.

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    Goddamn ninjas. At least they didn't "fix" it this time like they did with multimaple.

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    I still say this is loads better than Robby Fray's Secret Recipe, especially if they don't randomly change it back to temporary somewhere down the line.



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