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  1. Default Nexon reasoning inside

    Nexon korea: We're not happy only new classes have flash jump so now we have given flash jump to any class

    Yep , today they gave with the happy time ( log each day to the web , get prize ) event , a 170/120 mount like the level 120 cygnus one ,but that also "flash jumps" when you press jump while jumping

    Oh , and it's perma , obviously or this news wouldn't make sense


  2. Default Re: Nexon reasoning inside

    Mount skills hmm? Actually kind of a cool idea. Would be nice to see mobs with dashing, flash jumping, status resistance (to use as bossing strategy), etc.

    Actually, remember the Plateon mount we got in GMS a while back? It had a rush skill, pretty nice.

    inb4 mount potential

  3. Default Re: Nexon reasoning inside

    no no , there isn't any "skill" shown off anywhere , you use the mount and you can flash jump with it XD

    But yeah they could add that to every mount :D , and make super transformation mount do a flashy double jump :D

  4. Default Re: Nexon reasoning inside

    This would be nice to give to buccaneers. You know. The only class without a flashjump. Yeah we have to demount, but that's ok. Used to it by now...

  5. Default Re: Nexon reasoning inside

    I don't want Buccs to have FJ, it would be nice if they did something original, like turn the first job dash into some sort of non-magical teleport, where you just very quickly rush a certain distance to the left or right by double tapping, and it actually shows your character running like Dual Blades.

  6. Default Re: Nexon reasoning inside

    They did tho , they gave a mount to everyone who logged to the web

  7. Default Re: Nexon reasoning inside

    Monster Vault [Master Level 5]: With a running start, Buccaneer grabs the nearest monster and flips over it, dealing ### damage at the same time. Damage and distance jumped increase with mastery.

  8. Default Re: Nexon reasoning inside

    Oh I know that. But when it comes to doing things really fast, we're still stuck walking really fast. The only way we get to traverse a map is from rushing monsters around, but on a plain walking system, we get max 170% from the transform mount. We have archers and thieves (and jetts) that can walk as fast or faster while also being able to fly across the screen. Also helps when trying to keep your training spot free of KSers who like to ks people with their classes that can jump all over the place. While, I haven't trained anywhere like that ever on my buccaneer, would like to have the capability to at least stand a chance trying to KS back besides staying on one level platform and rushing back and forth for all time. It would be nice to have a decent revamp (cause we've only really had one total) where they cover the whole movement thing, but logic and history dictates we're not getting anything like that soon. Yes it would ruin he whole buccaneer thing to have a Flash jump, but they've pretty much done it already with the revamp we're getting soon. I mean they even gave WARRIORS a flash jump-esque skill and generally, in many rpg games, warriors are tanky slow classes and only really have a dash skill (aka rush) to get to their enemies, not a spammable second jump.

  9. Default Re: Nexon reasoning inside

    What I would've wanted for Brawlers is that vertical platform moving skill Angelic Bursters get.

    I still don't like how Nexon gave FJ-esque skills to Archers and especially Warriors. Just like how I don't like a bunch of non-melee classes getting Stance now and how a bunch of classes suddenly have rushing skills.

  10. Default Re: Nexon reasoning inside

    I remember when people made thieves Night Lords just for flash jump >_>

    Then... Bandits took it... :O

  11. Default Re: Nexon reasoning inside

    I see no reason why every class shouldn't have flash jump at this point.

  12. Default Re: Nexon reasoning inside

    A shoryuken would be perfect for bucc, it would sends u upward like cannoneer's jump attack.

  13. Default Re: Nexon reasoning inside

    Nonono. I'm happy with my pseudo-glide.

  14. Default Re: Nexon reasoning inside

    Classes don't even have defined roles anymore... I remember when Archer was the best DPS because of Hurricane... Dx

  15. Default Re: Nexon reasoning inside

    I'm pretty sure they were never the best DPS. I'm pretty sure that others outdid them in realistic scenarios (NLs, Sairs?). But of course I could be wrong. And of course if I am, someone's going to shoot me because heaven forbid I say something wrong out loud.

  16. Default Re: Nexon reasoning inside

    Nah. Things like that never happen on this site.

    But yeah, the lines between class distinction are long gone; it's all about doing the most damage in the smallest amount of time now.

  17. Default Re: Nexon reasoning inside

    Or in other words, having the most attacks/hits per second!

  18. Default Re: Nexon reasoning inside

    *Pulls out pistol*

    Yeah Night Lords and Bowmasters were the best. There were no sairs back then... but they were pretty much on par w/ bowman due to rapid fire. Range determined it at that point.

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    Default Re: Nexon reasoning inside

    Honestly, the game is better off if everyone can do it. Since mobility in grinding just makes it more fun for everyone

    Some Fighting games let all characters do a 'Air dash'. Just make thieves a bit better at it than others and we're good.

  20. Default Re: Nexon reasoning inside

    Only problem is that most Corsairs do not pump Rapid Fire until late. The Battleship is the focus early (Max Ship first, then Torpedo/Cannon). That's one of the biggest reasons it's hard for a Phantom to find someone with max Rapid Fire to steal the skill. But, come tomorrow, it won't matter. All of us Corsairs will max Rapid Fire right away now because the entire job is different.



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