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  1. Default a Dual Blade?

    Some random stranger sent me a BigWig gift pack, which included a Jump Start character. So, now I have a level 50 Dual Blade with no skills, who likes to run around wearing nothing but his undies and a bandanna. I understand a revamp is coming extremely soon, so I'm not bothering to put any AP/SP into him until that happens. I also understand that some skills won't be able to go past a certain level without spending NX to buy books, which I'm not inclined to do.

    So, should I bother? After the revamp, will it be fun to play a DB, or should I just delete/mule him and work on my nubby Bandit instead?

  2. Default Re: a Dual Blade?

    Level 50 is not reason enough as it takes a few hours to get there on any character, casual or not. The book thing is a non-issue because you can buy them in FM. You would loose out on 1 free SP per book not bought in CS, but those points are useless anyway because DBs have a few crappy skills that need not be mastered.

  3. Default Re: a Dual Blade?

    except for the 4th job books, definitely buy those in the cs

  4. Default Re: a Dual Blade?

    Doesn't the upcoming DB revamp give more free books?

  5. Default Re: a Dual Blade?

    It also removes the books from the cash shop.

  6. Default Re: a Dual Blade?

    To be clear, does that mean all DB mastery books will now be available through non-CS means? If so, then I see no reason not to give DB a try... though I'd rather have a Demon Slayer, I will have to wait until Nexon decides we can make those again. :)

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    You could wait and see what the revamp events bring. If they affect the already created ones, then you're all set to go with getting free stuff, otherwise, it'd probably be better to get a newly created one. All the lower job advance DB books are available in not-100% versions already. The CS ones just give the added benefit of 1 extra SP per CS book. They're fun to have though. I just use mine as an alchemy mule though cause I don't have any thief equips :P

  8. Default Re: a Dual Blade?

    This has been true for years already, but as Locked said, the CS books got taken out permanently with the revamp in KMS.

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    Unless you are just someone who wants to get a new class (or revamped class) to level 200 as fast as you can, I don't recommend playing from level 50. It's much more fun starting from level 1 and enjoying the quests and storyline.

  10. Default Re: a Dual Blade?

    They are not permanently removed.

    That is my Kaiser, and that book, or scroll rather, is Shadow Evasion, a post-revamp skill.

  11. Default Re: a Dual Blade?

    Fine, I blame Locked then! He is usualy correct about these things!

  12. Default Re: a Dual Blade?

    i still need the phantom blow zakum book on my dual blade.

  13. Default Re: a Dual Blade?

    Well they are removed, they were just added back.

  14. Default Re: a Dual Blade?

    Thanks, everyone, for the clarifications! Having not played for the better part of three years, I missed a lot of information that I would have picked up along the way if I'd been active.

    I'm not necessarily trying to get anything to 200, but I wasn't going to bother playing a character if I would be stuck at a certain point, unable to get necessary skills. Until you guys cleared it up, I had thought that certain books totally weren't available outside the Cash Shop. Now that I know all I'll lack is a handful of skill points, on a class that doesn't need to max all skills anyway, I'm not worried.

  15. Default Re: a Dual Blade?

    Are they the same books? I only see flying assaulter, mirror imagine and shadow evasion. I'm unfamiliar with what cs books they have currently.

  16. Default Re: a Dual Blade?

    In my build, the skills that require a book are listed.

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    Default Re: a Dual Blade?

    I got a lvl 50 DB from the bigwig event. She is now lvl 95 as of this post. The skill books for up to lvl 120 are given to you for free via the Maple Admin NPC. I'm uncertain of the lvl 120 books, though.

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    Get the level 120 books from the CS
    they add 1 free SP when you use them.

  19. Default Re: a Dual Blade?

    You get all 6 of the books for free.

    I wouldn't recommend buying the 4th Job CS books. I've bought all the books, and it kinda feels like a waste now. The extra SP is nice, but I don't think it's really worth it to pay $18 for them. In the end, the 4th job points are just dumped into Sudden Raid anyway. I like Sudden Raid, like, a lot, though, so the extra SP is nice for reducing the cooldown, so I'm able to use it more often.



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