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  1. Proton
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    Default EmuFarm

    It's been quite awhile since I came to Southperry, so long that introductions are probably necessary. Years ago, my character of choice was a level 118 Crusader named Ekibo. Those that know me know that I have had somewhat of a shady past on that character. If you are the type of person that believes no one ever changes and that once a criminal, always a criminal, then you won't like me at all, and I'm perfectly fine with that. That character has been permanently banned, ironically for something I'm not guilty of, but I felt that it was more of a good riddance. I have since made a character named Obike (Yes, Ekibo backwards, that was the intention), which is now a level 199 Hero. I would be level 200 already, but I haven't had any incentive to level since level 180. At the height of my Maple Story career, I did run with the fabled "First Gen" group, and I was there for the first Windian Pink Bean kill, as well as Chaos Horntail, and Chaos Zakum. Since then, I have, like many others, mostly withdrawn from the game. Maple Story continuously becomes a more casual game, and there is nothing to really strive for, short of getting the best potential on gear via spending millions of NX.

    Recently I felt that my years of effort spent on my character have been more or less wasted. My character has actually been getting stronger, due to the ridiculous buffs that Nexon has been implementing, but at the same time, my gear continues to depreciate. While I do not intend to increase my wealth or combat capabilities, I also refuse to just let what I have managed to get rot there. I've decided to make it more of a social game for myself, and so I'm bringing back my guild.

    I've led EmuFarm for years now, and while it's had ups and downs, I've always considered it home. At this point, nobody is home. This is where you come in. One thing I absolutely dislike are impatient people who refuse to read, so I purposefully included a self introduction and made this a lengthy post. I am also a very honest person in many regards, which is why I spoke of my past, and people who have a problem with shady pasts wouldn't accept me as a guild leader, so I figure that I might as well let them know before they get in.

    Requirements to join are what I've always had them be, you must play Maple Story (Except you don't, I've made groups and guilds named EmuFarm in other games). There is no level, gear, strength, knowledge, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, religion, height, weight, mass per volume, genetic, or any other measure of a person required to join EmuFarm, never has been and I doubt that I will ever add one. There are however, rules to staying.


    1. Be Respectful: If I have to explain this, your parents didn't do their job.
    2. Attitude: Everyone has a bad day, but don't make everyone have a bad day.
    3. Humor: Just keep in mind, silly things are different from stupid things.
    4. Active: I expect people who join to play the game, casual play is acceptable.
    5. Attendance: While this specific rule is not a really enforced, if we have enough members to be doing any sort of boss run, we will be, and every sort of priority will be given to those who more often attend.

    The rules are more guidelines than not. Most likely, one or two minor infractions will not have any sort of consequence, but this is what I expect of the people who would be interested in joining. While most of my officers are no longer active in game, I do keep in contact with most of them outside of Maple Story. The main thing to understand about my guild is that getting in is easy, but that doesn't mean we're obliviously forgiving. Part of respect is that positions of power demand respect, at any time and for any reason, an officer or myself may expel any member for any reason. This isn't so that we can be jerks to our members, but more that we don't have to absolutely justify every little thing we do. If an officer is being unreasonable, tell me directly. If I'm being unreasonable, leave the guild. I try to be a fair, honest, and helpful person, but I am still a person. I have my faults, and some people will find them unacceptable.

    The main reason I decided to make a post here is because of the lack of options these days. There are only two other guild posts here, one's full and the other is completely and utterly dead (Too bad too, Karen was a good friend of mine). Currently this guild is also dead, but I hope to breathe life back into it. If I do get enough members, I'll come back and clean up this post. As of now, the best ways to contact me are to contact me on Skype (Skype ID: Krazlam), leave a message at my youtube account (, send me a private message on Southperry, or post here. Those options are prioritized from most effective to least.

    Oh, did I mention? I'm in the mood to kill Zakum, Horntail, Rellik, Red Nirg, Margana, and Hsalf just for pomegranates and giggles. If you're joining just for a Zakum Helmet, Horntail Pendant, or Mark of Naricain, don't bother. Just ask me for one, I've been giving away zhelms for years. I haven't done a test run for horntail yet, but based on a few calculations I've done in addition to prior experience fighting him, it should be an easy kill. Mark of Naricain will be a bit tricky, as it requires at least 5 people to do, and having extremely low membership is a hinders us in that way. I also haven't done much of the more recent content, thinking about giving that a look as well.

    See you guys on the Fields of Justice Maple. (For those who missed the reference, I also play League of Legends, though not seriously anymore. Name for that is also Krazlam)

    P.S. When previewing this post, I realized that my old guild recruitment page on SleepyWood is still in my signature. It's outdated and some of the information there is no longer true (The lack of many active members kind of ensures that), but it does grant people a glimpse of what EmuFarm used to be.
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    Default Re: EmuFarm

    Eki! ^-^ I'm still around, I just haven't touched Maple in months. :(

    Posting here because while I... kind of stopped playing for now, I've been around long enough to know that this is a guild worth joining. So I'm vouching that you should give it a shot~

  3. Default Re: EmuFarm

    Welcome back to MS~

    You probably don't remember me, but back in the old days of Guild PQ, you helped my guild (Caelum/Caelia) with a couple of runs when we were short on people. If you need people for CWKPQ or other runs, I'll be happy to help out. Feel free to buddy me on oHaibaraAio.

    Good luck reviving your guild!

  4. Default Re: EmuFarm

    I might be interested in joining, danny's guild died. Add Avse in game maybe we can talk.

  5. Proton
    IGN: Obike
    Server: Windia
    Level: xXx
    Job: Hybrid Hero
    Guild: EmuFarm
    Alliance: AnimalPact

    Default Re: EmuFarm

    I did a horntail test run last night, I should have done my research though. Ended up getting no drops cause I apparently killed it too quickly. Ah well, now I know.

    I don't really remember you specifically, I used to help a lot of guilds with GPQ, CWKPQ, and Zakum. I always figured that there's no point in being able to do things if you don't do them. Doing any sort of run just for profit felt like a cause for corruption, plus it's not like I wasn't fairly well off back then. Nobody I know wants/needs anything from CWKPQ right now, it'd only be an issue if incompetent people join. At that point, I'd be worried more about the incompetence than getting the run done.

    I don't log on -that- often anymore, usually it's just to level a side character a bit or do a relatively quick boss run. Nobody I know wants anything from bosses right now, I've just been soloing things here and there to track times and what I'd need to worry about in solo versus when I used to do them in full parties.



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