Hey guys.
I ended up getting 2 Potential Locks from my Marvel Machine run and I have absolutely no use for them...so I want to provide the service :D
These items were priced at 14.5k NX back when they were available so I figured I'd price it at 500m ea to be fair
(10k NX at a 1:50 ratio)

I'm able to provide up to around 3.5b collateral so there won't be any scamming or dodgy acts :D
Please help me out here with this because I want to make the money back that I lost on that god damn Marvel Machine and if you buy this service you won't regret it :D

If you're curious about how it will work then:
1. I will trade my collat for your item you wan't pot locked
2. You will gift me the cube you want to be used on the item (collat will cover this)
3. I will use the cube and potlock the slot you wan't leaving the potential hidden.
4. I will return your item for the 500m and my collat

And wallah we are done

If you're interested in this service or have any questions or concerns just post here or buddy me in-game on Xaynor.