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    UPDATE: After 3 months of a somewhat open alpha Trion finally gives a date for closed beta.
    UPDATE:This kinda took me by surprise seeing how they took a year and a couple months to let people test their game after getting it but I guess it's good to be wrong some times.


    ArcheAge is a sandbox MMORPG, it features three continents, two where the players start and one for end game.

    There are three factions at the start two being tied to the starting continent and a third being a pirate faction but on the third continent the players will be able to make factions as alliances between several guilds.

    Four races fill the land Nuians(european human) and Elves in the western continet and Hariharan(east asian human) and Ferres in the Eastern, there are more planned (about 4 more) but only time will tell if they're ever added. The contients Are also stylized in a way that the western continent looks like europe and the Eastern like east asia.

    The class system is made by 10 different ability trees from which the player can choose 3 making 120 possible combinations, on top of that the player has to select 23 skills out of a pool of 48 skills made by 11 active and 5 passive per ability tree and also some skills when taken along some other provide special bonuses(so you could say there are way more than 120 possible builds).

    Theres pvp at different levels, in the starting continents is partially restricted but in the third is supposed to be open, there are also castle sieges and battles on ships, theres also pk.

    Mining, farming and crafting are also a big part of the game as there are several items, ships and buildings that require them.

    Houses are needed for several things but mainly they cast an area around them where other players can't steal your stuff or enter without permission but can only be built in certain areas, on the third continent these areas are territories that can be controlled by guilds and to protect a territory guilds must build a castle(walls) around a flying sword in the center of the territory, to maintain the plot where your house is build you have to pay a tax, on the starting continents this is set but on the third is controlled by the guild owning that territory.

    Sieges are mass pvps between two guilds for a territory, right now they're partially instanced as only a set amount of players from each guild can join, the objective is simple, reach the flying sword in the middle of the territory.

    Transportation is varied, there are mounts, gliders, row boats, carts and ships, ships being needed to be able to cross the sea make them the most important, there are also sea raids and battles.

    Stealing and player killing doesn't go unpunished, as player do criminal acts their record grows bigger to the point they're taken into court and if found guilty sent to jail where they get a prison debuff that doesn't allow them to use any skill and have to wait till the time given by the trial passes, but wait the court is player controlled so its possible a serial murder is found non guilty by his friends and the prison is not totally break free, inmates can find keys to the guard towers killing rats and in those towers they can find a chest with a glider to escape but even when out of the prison the debuff will still be there till its timer runs out.

    For more detailed information you can check out this forum:
    And for news about ArcheAge around the globe look at this site:
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    CBT5 is starting up soon. I've had an eye on this MMO for a while. Maybe Eos and I finally found an MMO we can play.

    You can build and upgrade your own ship and sail it...and battle it. I wish I could play the CBT.

    Spadow make an account and give it to me!

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    Found this site with lots of info.

    Also here is a post that pretty much sums up all the stuff that makes "ArcheAge truly unlike most MMOs.".

    Also the game will have 8 races with 120 possible classes.

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    Needs better graphics and a bit of fine tuning and I think it would be a great MMO.

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    Better graphics? Minecraft kinda proved that good graphics aren't required to make a good game, MMO or not.

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    I don't like minecraft, so not really.

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    Well its still in closed beta but aside from some tweaking to the physics what else?
    Also I don't think for this type of game better graphics are actually a good thing, you can already see in some videos that it lags a bit when there's too many people using skills (don't know how they could fix this too since the engine they are using looks pretty good).

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    So long since the last update here, but guess this deserved an update(though its old news but bear with me and my awful internet).

    The open beta started last month and publishers starting to sprout, one of them being of course the one for the western world(and australia with new zealand), Trion publisher of RIFT online will be that one and "Trion aims to launch the game later this year in North America, Europe, Turkey, Australia, and New Zealand.", you can read about it here:

    And here's the link for the website:
    Although its still being developed you can get most of the info there's available at the english section of the korean site:

    I'll update the OP later this week.

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    Is this basically...Age of Empires/Starcraft/whatever but in an MMO setting?

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    This game looks very similar to Lineage 2. The quality of the graphics, the open world pvp and castle siege systems, and even the name.

    L2 trailer from ages ago

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    Well it is made by the same guy that made Lineage (one) and I'm pretty sure theres quite some other games that will look like L2, but I don't care much if it looks like L2 because I like L2 and also sandbox games, so both in one makes it perfect.

    @Corn Pretty much, theres 3 continents, 2 on which you start and a third thats pretty much no man's land, there you can do almost all you want and where the castles will be built.

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    Closed beta date!
    Now to wait for open beta and release, hope it happens this year. :'D

    Edit: If anyone wants to try it out they're giving keys in the sites in this thread:
    But be warned, the closed beta will comprise of several "events" each lasting from 3 to 5 days each and the client is about 50 GB in size.
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    This friday at PAX Trion finally announced ArcheAge launch date that will be this september 12th (though only those that bought a founders pack will be able to play for the next four days, meaning that for the rest the launch date will be on 9/16)and also that they will be hosting a small open beta event that will run from 9/4 to 9/8, though take in mind that due to the nature of this game there will be a wipe after beta.



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