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  1. Cash2 Preview of Project Tower #1

    I thought I would give you all a taste of what we in the group have been working on. This is just to tell you guys we're not dead and we are working on it at our own pace.

    Story written by: @Derosis;
    Edited by: @Sn1perJohnE;

    This is still heavily worked and edited on. So this may or may not be the finalized product. Enjoy.

    Prologue: The "Zero"

    It's midnight, and with the start of a new day, so does new life. In a room underground, a man stands making a seal out of blood. The rank smell of blood fills the room as the man prepares a circle with it and with magic. He begins to recite the magical lyrics, passed down through the many generations of his family. He is one of the children of the seven magical families, Ryoto Schwarz. His multi-colored eyes penetrate the thick fog of blood filling the room. He prepares the chant that he so willingly sings. "My blood sings with you. Forever arm and arm. Our unity is our love, and our love is our bond. Let us become the lance that pierces the rainbow and become the power to lead this world. The silent Savior, Schwarz blood, I summon thee... Come alive and breathe the air of my world. So says I, Ryoto Kruisefield Schwarz!"

    And with the chant, the once disgusting blood placed on the dank ground, is replaced with the flare of colors of a rainbow, illuminating the darkness while it is shrunk to a small circle. An explosion, no, a flash of light, that would blind any that dare look at it. And out from the light is the one he summoned, the future of his family, and his partner. She steps out, her bare body walking towards him, as he stares bashfully. Although he was prepared, he wasn't quite prepared for the person in front of him to be a girl with such devastating beauty. Her long, purple hair flowed down to her knees. Her eyes were closed, yet she looked at peace. Her lips slightly gleamed with the leftover lights of the summoning. She opens her eyes, and quietly says. "...Are you my Savior?"

    The boy stares, silent and motionless, at the girl. He doesn't have the words to respond to her question, though he knows the answer, he remains silent. He stares at her hair, it resembles the darkness of night, but her eyes glare bright in contrast to it. She is a contradiction in itself. He begins to follow the commands of his Grand Father; he forms a large seal of blood, the seal each of them have to make. He makes smaller seals of Protection and Connection that could never be broken, and of Elegance and Strength, all done with his own blood. She must do the same to acknowledge their connection. She stares at the seal on her body, and then she bites her thumb and begins to draw what looks like a childish symbol. Simple, completely different from his, which was strong and elegant. Her seal was simple, yet heartfelt, is drawn on his chest, like his seal on her. Drawn on the body to symbolize their connection and strength, they complete their seals and they must then exchange magic.

    That's all for now. I'll drop by and put some more stuff up here when I feel I can tease with you guys some more.

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    Southperry playing an RPG again? Preposterous!

    Let's hope it gets attention and it doesn't sink into loneliness.

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    You know what, I hope so too.



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