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  1. Default White Scrolls and Azwan Scrolls

    What would happen in the event that an Azwan Scroll failed while using a White Scroll?
    Would one White Scroll protect all of the slots or would I need multiple White Scrolls to protect all of the slots?
    or I guess a better question would be, do Azwan Scrolls even work with White Scrolls?

  2. Default Re: White Scrolls and Azwan Scrolls

    wow interesting question
    I think only 1 WS would be consumed. Has anyone tried Azwan + WS?
    Yet Pam Song will protect an upgrade slot until a scroll fails.

  3. Default Re: White Scrolls and Azwan Scrolls

    Well um. I went ahead and used 3 60% Azwan Scrolls and used a single White Scroll with both scroll.
    All of them worked and it consumed the White Scroll each time.
    Not sure what will happen if a scroll fails, though.

    Pants are done now though so I guess someone else will have to figure it out.
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  4. Default Re: White Scrolls and Azwan Scrolls

    gratz on your cool pants!

    We know Nexon wrote their code with white scrolls to use the slot and then apply the white scroll and give the slot back because of how people were getting a slot back when using a clean slate with a white scroll. Since Nexon's fix for that was to make clean slates unusable with white scrolls they most likely did not change their coding. Therefore, I think it's most probable that if you use these new scrolls with a white scroll that the slots would all get used, then they white scroll applied for one slot back.

    But someone actually testing it would be cool since it would be nice to know for certian.



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