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  1. Default Playing MapleStory on Mac

    I saw the guide on the official site..

    But this Macbook is for college lol and I don't wanna pineapple it up for MapleStory in the slightest bit..
    I'm just occasionally craving to play and I'd prefer to have it accessible on this computer rather than my old Windows..

    Is it safe/easy to follow the guide on the site? Or is it not worth it and I should just play on an old Windows computer?

    Thanks guys.
    No idea why Nexon can't just make it available for Mac >_>

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    You could try VirtualBox with a copy of WinXP, but it may not work. Last time I tried that, I couldn't get directdraw to work.

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    I suggest using BootCamp.
    Any virtualization (VMWare etc) for Maplestory start become problematic and memory hogging; at the same time what if there's a major event (ex. Pzak) you'll never be able to join due to lag.

    However I use VMWare on my PC Desktop to open another maplestory and I have no lag issues.

    It really comes down to how much CPU and Ram your computer has. Desktop obviously has more potential than a laptop.

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    Bootcamp is what he wants to avoid.

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    oh in that case virtualization is the way to go

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    All this seems so complicated ._.

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    VMware or VirtualBox are 2 operating system emulation softwares (Read: Virtual Machines). VMware must be purchased, while VirtualBox is made by Sun/Oracle for free.

    Basically, you "obtain" a copy of Windows, download or "purchase" VMware or VirtualBox, install and enjoy. They run within your OSX environment.

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    I like Free. VirtualBox it is. Just Download and Install it and then Download and Install MapleStory and i''m good?
    How exactly do I play Maple after going on my Mac tho?

    I apologize for the double post, but I really need to ask: Can somebody provide me with a link to a Free, Virus-Free, Full Windows XP Download?

    Again, sorry for double posting D:

    Thanks so much, just really need this before Pirates revamp aha :/
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    Against the rules to provide Warez. Sorry.



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