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  1. Default Ignoring defence

    My character currently has 132,5% ignore defence (30% Codex, 35% Weapon, 30% Force Shield, 7,5% Ambition, 30% Bind), but my damage is still a lot lower on Empress than for example on Von Leon. Shouldn't I be doing the same damage on every monster, since I have over 100% ignore defence? Or am I seeing something wrong here...

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    Default Re: Ignoring defence

    Aren't those bosses Physical/Magical and every element resistant?


  4. Default Re: Ignoring defence

    My character is a DS, so I don't have any elements. Physical Resist is PDR if I'm correct? And isn't ignoring defence on weapons the same as ignoring PDR? I'm a little confused right now.

  5. Default Re: Ignoring defence

    Defense Ignore on potential ignores the defense everyone knows about. Physical Resistance is like Elemental Resistances, it resists damage like how Obsidian Skin works in a way.

  6. Default Re: Ignoring defence

    Physical Resist is resistance to physical attacks.. AKA weapon attack classes.
    Magicians can bypass Physical Resist by using Elemental Reset.

  7. Default Re: Ignoring defence

    Would this work for Phantoms as well?

  8. Default Re: Ignoring defence

    But we're not even using physical attacks, so why would we need to use reset for our magic attacks against something with Physical Resist?

  9. Default Re: Ignoring defence

    No. Elemental Reset will only cancel out the element on magical attacks.

    Mage attacks that aren't elemental are also reduced by Physical Resistance and can be cancelled out by Reset. (Magic Claw, Illusion).

    Physical Resistance reduces damage on ANY attack that doesn't have an associated element, physical or magical.

  10. Default Re: Ignoring defence

    But it would work if a Phantom used Chain Lightning+Elemental Reset?

  11. Default Re: Ignoring defence

    It works only on phantom's magic attacks I believe.
    There's two types of defense.
    Physical Resist
    Physical defense
    Physical defense is what PDR ignores.
    Physical resist cannot be ignored by weapon attack classes, and is a flat damage reduction.
    Empress has 70% physical defense and 50% physical resist.
    Pink bean also has physical resist, as well as some other bosses(Ellin forest boss has 70%, hilla has 60%)

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    Default Re: Ignoring defence

    It would be because magicians use magical attacks with element atributes.
    Reseting that atribute bypasses that resistance.
    Am I right?

  13. Default Re: Ignoring defence

    I believe that some magician skills are flagged as physical element.
    Magic claw is one off the top of my head, as well as some Evan skills.
    Reset would make those skills immune to resist.

  14. Default Re: Ignoring defence

    Yeah, it would.

    I did some, rather basic, math comparing Rapid Fire+Combo vs Paralyze+Elemental Reset on physical resistant, completely elemental resistant bosses here. (As of after the next mage revamp, but before Tempest)

  15. Default Re: Ignoring defence

    Not if it's elemental attacks against physical resist...?

    Ah, I see. So the archmages would not really have many such skills in their attack repertoire anyway, I don't think.

  16. Default Re: Ignoring defence

    Was wondering why my evan was doing so much dmg on the ellin forest boss, makes a lot of more sense now.

  17. Default Re: Ignoring defence

    Ah learned something new, thanks for explaining!
    Is there a list of bosses and how much physical resist they have?

    And one more question, going over 100% PDR ignore is useless right?

  18. Default Re: Ignoring defence

    Iirc, Only Chaos Pink Bean requires more than 100% PDR Ignore, at 180% I think.

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    Default Re: Ignoring defence

    no, since %ignore ignores a percentage of their defense, so if you ignore 100% of CPB's defense, you're ignoring all 180%. this is why the more def a boss has, the more effective ignore becomes, because it ignores larger chunks of defense.
    you can use extractions or look for them in maplearchive, afaik P.Resist is always 50%, while P.Defense is variable and it's what PDR ignores.

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    ...Except Physical defense and PDR are the same thing.



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