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    I got +27Magic attack on one of my inner abitile lines. (10% increase in my range). And im wondering if/when I get lvl 70 honor should I reset my abilities for something better or just not?

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    If you think you can get something better, definitely. Stock up a good amount of higher tier circulators before going for anything better though.

    Personally I'm aiming for +1 Attack Speed, some Critical Rate, or some % Boss (since I'll need it after the Magician Update).

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    Seems a shame not to shoot for anything better really, after hitting the grindstone to get to honour level 70 in the first place.

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    Yeah It does seem like a shame. plus I have like very little use inventory slots so the "free cubes" so to speak will go to waste. But honnestly I might just keep it depending on what the 3rd line is when revieled. after 5 or 6 years of playing this game ive come to realize when I've gotten something lucky.

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    Yeah, on the run to level 30 honor (including saving most of my 8 circulators for when I got 2 lines) I never saw anything better than +6 str in terms of damage increases (aside from increases of 1-2% on regular Azwan mobs, anyway) so I'd be pretty happy with a result like that. Only thing that wasn't C-grade was a B-grade avoidability increase

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    I think you should keep the 27 matk and just work on something else, you're basically hitting near-max for that line and it's really hard to get anything remotely good.

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    I wouldn't unless you have a huge number of circulators.

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    I used all my circulators when i got 2 lines because no way in hell I'm grinding to 70. The best I got was on my last circulator (8). I got 13% boss damage and avoid to MP Yeah I'd keep the +27 matk until you have enough circulators to "recube" the hell out of it for something better. That or buy 1 time use inner ability locks that Nexon has graciously given to us in the CS.



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