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  1. Cash0 KMST~~1.2.442 Lv.171 DS Vs Magnus

    godly BOSS!!!

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    Default Re: KMST~~1.2.442 Lv.171 DS Vs Magnus

    The falling balls of death!

  3. Default Re: KMST~~1.2.442 Lv.171 DS Vs Magnus

    Why do I feel he's no different than the other bosses, just with different cheap gimmcks?

  4. Default Re: KMST~~1.2.442 Lv.171 DS Vs Magnus

    I wonder what that blue area is.
    Itd be interesting if it disabled potential or something when standing in it, and it moved around.
    It's cool that they're trying to incorporate dodging with the falling balls of death, but unless it's like aswan, funded attackers with max avoid will laugh at them.

  5. Default Re: KMST~~1.2.442 Lv.171 DS Vs Magnus

    Yay, more fake difficulty and nigh unavoidable attacks that KO all but the most OP of classes. Oh wait, wasn't DS one of those OP classes?

    At least KMS players can shovel thousands into an AB, post a video of a Magnus solo and usher in a wave of butthurt generated from the misconception that the class can be that strong without the player going into bankruptcy.

    Still, I wonder how a pre-nerf DS would fare against such a foe.

  6. Default Re: KMST~~1.2.442 Lv.171 DS Vs Magnus

    We fight Magnus in his office?

    That's..... an unusual place to fight a boss.

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    Default Re: KMST~~1.2.442 Lv.171 DS Vs Magnus

    I like how the skill, that did the killing blow, did more damage than the DS has for HP. Really Nexon?

  8. Default Re: KMST~~1.2.442 Lv.171 DS Vs Magnus

    From the first glance, I thought it would be more of a "Rockman style" type of boss.

    Maple needs some bosses that require teamwork and control to do well.

  9. Default Re: KMST~~1.2.442 Lv.171 DS Vs Magnus

    Personally, I'd like to see some bossing videos of 6 Nexon employees (a full party!) with low funded permanently available (not time limited!) characters and no NX benefits (because that's cheating) teaming up to defeat every new boss. If they can beat it as a team without bribing their way to victory, then it passes the "free to play" test. If not, BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD!

    Because watching them get ravaged by the crap they create would at least be some form of poetic justice.

    Also, if Elsword can have perfectly defeatable bosses, why the heck can't Maple? Do they hate the players so much that they design content solely to make Maplers qq?

  10. Default Re: KMST~~1.2.442 Lv.171 DS Vs Magnus

    Yeah also passes the easy as f`uck boss test.

  11. Default Re: KMST~~1.2.442 Lv.171 DS Vs Magnus

    If you're playing MapleStory for difficulty, I think you're playing the wrong game. MS requires absolutely no skill whatsoever. Games like Elsword or SDGO do. But in MS, it's almost impossible without Nexon doing things drastically uncharacteristic of them.

    So instead, we have fake difficulty that depends entirely on how wealthy you are in the game, or especially how much money you have IRL. It's essentially class discrimination, and only creates its own set of problems even worse than "O NOES DIS GAME 2 EZ!"

    In that video, the Slayer would've fared much better had he used wheels (if Magnus had HP). Except wheels are a cash shop item. Magnus confirmed for stealth pay to play content.

    The problem with the modern Mapler is that guys like you seem to mistake "pay to play in a supposedly free to play game" with "difficulty." The latter, I don't think it means what you think it does. So please, don't talk about things being easy or hard in a game that hasn't known such things since the jump quests of ye olden times.

    The very idea that content should only be enjoyed by the ELITES who can surpass fake difficulty with VAST WEALTH is a culturally destructive attitude to have, one that's gone hand in hand with the decline of a nation. The point of games like Maple is that they should be enjoyable for everyone, regardless of the size of your McMansion.

  12. Default Re: KMST~~1.2.442 Lv.171 DS Vs Magnus

    Right... I see.

    Fake difficulty..? lol.
    I'm surprised I even took you seriously.

    Magnus does have HP. It's just server sided, not in the data explicitly. Magnus isn't even fully implemented yet, so you have no idea how it would even pan out in the finalized version.

    Don't group me with people if you don't know me.

    Fake difficulty.. again.. Jesus.
    What do you consider difficult since your entire post was nothing more than opinionated garbage?

  13. Default Re: KMST~~1.2.442 Lv.171 DS Vs Magnus

    >implying I'm going to waste my time answering the question of someone who doesn't give any legitimacy to my opinions


    Difficulty is, like I said, in MMOs like Elsword or SDGO. It's where you actually have to have a decent amount of control over your character to win. And if you do, and that makes it easy, so what? That's the point of being good at a game. If you're good at a game and that makes it easy, that skill should be rewarded. However, that's not cause for asking everything to be made more difficult just so you can get your masochistic kicks, at the expense of everyone else who may not be as skilled. That's not difficulty. That's selfishness. But that's also not what we're talking about here, because either kind of difficulty, like I said, hasn't been in the game since ye olden jump quests which were plenty difficult. (ELLINIAAAAAAAAAA!)

    Real difficulty is not, however, a hole that can only be climbed out of by filling it with money. That's something else entirely. Unfortunately, when people rally around wanting difficulty, that's all MapleStory ever gets. Holes to be filled with money. And for someone who doesn't go around just dropping cash into gutters, or eating it like ol' Will Romney, the disgusting nature of such a cash scam is only made worse by the fact that the community completely and totally buys into it as if real difficulty hasn't been in games since the very beginning. Well, it has. So I honestly can't understand how anyone could mistake out of control greed for it.


    Well, at least my garbage reeks of the sweet stench of ethics, rather than the rancid decay of fraud. Because paying to play a free to play game counts as doing it wrong.

  14. Default Re: KMST~~1.2.442 Lv.171 DS Vs Magnus

    Your posts are annoying to read. They are full of memes and unnecessary formatting, it's infuriating at best. I don't come on Southperry to witness cancer.

    That aside.
    I didn't mention my opinion about the game's difficulty anywhere in those two posts, so watching you use it as an argument was pretty regaling. "The problem with the modern Mapler is that guys like you seem to mistake "pay to play in a supposedly free to play game" with "difficulty." " was also very cute, by the way. There isn't much content in this game that you throw money at to win, really. Due to the amount of power creeping this game has taken almost anybody with little to no funds can defeat Zakum, Papulatus, Horntail, Chaos Horntail, and Pink Bean. The way the state of the game is going is clearly a result of the over exaggerated buffs and balancing that each class gets. The other remaining bosses do need a bit of "money" I suppose to be able to be "won".

    Though there really is one thing you have to know, truthfully is that this game is a freemium. A vast majority of these pay benefits are provided for free such as fusing, random drops, etc. This game isn't necessary to be played with money and I can assure you many people don't spend NX on these things. Having played many games, Nexon handles their free-to-play model pretty decently. I can't count the amount of games that give away many, if not all, exclusive in game benefits as cash only with no external way to receive them. Nexon doesn't do that, however difficult it may be to receive said awards/perks/benefits.

    Several characters in MapleStory need a bit of "control", though it's out of the grasp of casuals. These include delay shortening, iframes and other nice quirks that classes posses or used to. I admit the game has changed quite a bit over the last 7-8 years I've played it, but in order to say that the difficulty is "fake" is preposterous and outright stupid.

  15. Default Re: KMST~~1.2.442 Lv.171 DS Vs Magnus

    Equating my posts to cancer? Ouch. Still, I can only think that would be offensive to those who actually have cancer, if only because reading a forum post one disagrees with is preferable to a slow and painful death. But then again, that's just me.

    Suffice it to say, when a party of 6 permanent classes defeats a newly released boss without epic funding, hacking or NX benefits, with skill being the primary factor in their victory, then I'll believe the game has real difficulty. However, if a party's ability to take advantage of new content depends on power creep or bribery, then that kind of difficulty will never be real. To even call it "difficulty" is misleading. Still, I'm not sure if there's even a word to describe such a bastardization of gameplay mechanics.

    The point is, MapleStory was freemium back before gachapon and cubes when NX items had no value and only made one's character look pretty. Oh, so very pretty. The current exploitative model, however, can hardly be called such. When NX devalues the meso to the point where one can buy mesos with NX, and inflation has risen to the point where items cost more mesos than the cap, well, that's hardly freemium if the emphasis is on the premium. The only difficulty then is the real life difficulty of getting money.

    And like I said, either here or somewhere else, that's nothing more than class discrimination, not real difficulty.

  16. Default Re: KMST~~1.2.442 Lv.171 DS Vs Magnus

    You could at any point in maple's lifespan buy meso with NX/USD. Neither this point nor the point about inflation has anything to do with the changing of maple being a freemium game.

  17. Default Re: KMST~~1.2.442 Lv.171 DS Vs Magnus

    Because Elsword has more advanced game mechanics that allow for battles where skill matters, while Maple Story, you know, doesn't.

  18. Default Re: KMST~~1.2.442 Lv.171 DS Vs Magnus


    Oh, wait, no, it is because Nexon hasn't actually tried to develop skill based mechanics within the confines of MapleStory's limitations, and has instead doubled down on fake difficulty. Cue OP being absolutely ravaged by Magnus.

    Even though OP really should've grinded those last 29 levels before trying to solo the most powerful boss in the game.

  19. Default Re: KMST~~1.2.442 Lv.171 DS Vs Magnus

    The only "fake difficulty" aspect of maplestory that I believe is absolute bullpomegranate is Damage reflect. Seduce is up there, but at least it's not a god damn one hit kill to 95% of players out there. (I don't want to hear about your rigged ass HP, Shinku). That said, damage reflect also gives you the incentive to bring along a character that can use magic crash (lolphantom) or a demon slayer that can bind the boss.

    Maplestory doesn't have the kind of physics/gameplay style that Elsword has, at all. There's no point in even comparing the two. They might both be sidescrollers, but that does not mean they have the same game mechanics.

    Either work your ass off to get better gear, or pay money to get there quicker. That's what freemium is about. Get over it. The game has to make money somehow. Or else it wouldn't be there for you to be complaining about it in the first place.

  20. Default Re: KMST~~1.2.442 Lv.171 DS Vs Magnus

    Freemium is about better gear being a luxury, not a necessity.

    Suffice it to say, I wouldn't be shedding any tears if the game went bankrupt and was picked up by a different company that could run it right. One that actually listened to its players instead of focusing solely on exploiting them.



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