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  1. Default Mech Siege Mode [1 question]

    i see youtube mechanic use Siege Mode [4th job] , it unlimited use. [and no need rebuff]
    but i see the skill table it write use 10sec, cd 15sec.


    Siege Mode unlimited use ? need rebuff ?

    Pls help ty.

  2. Default Re: Mech Siege Mode [1 question]

    Didn't they nerf it for some dumb reason?

  3. Default Re: Mech Siege Mode [1 question]

    The 4th job siege mode is not used, neither the damage, nor the time, nor the cooldown are used.

    Siege mode = always 3rd job siege, without time or cooldown.

    When you're in tank mode, you get a 1.3 multiplier in damage though.

    Mechs need this unlimited siege mode to keep up with the buffs other classes got and will never be nerfed back again (only lolPVP stuff, but ok).

  4. Default Re: Mech Siege Mode [1 question]

    A possible "nerf" though is that with unlimited Siege is that you can't Hero's Will. Had Siege been a CD skill like before and you get seduced, you could have waited for Siege to end thus allowing you to Hero's Will.... not so much anymore <_<.



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