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Thread: DayZ Lag?

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    So I bought Arma 2 CO the other day excited for the DayZ mod. I load it up and lo and behold there is a CRAPTON of lag... if I set everything as low as possible with my 3D res at 1366 x 768 and the other one whatever it is at 1366 x 768. No post processing or any of that junk.

    Yet I still barely squeeze out 28 FPS (average). If I stare at the sky I get around and above 40 FPS and at the ground, in the 33-40 range.

    My CPU is running at 2.9 GHz with that turbo boost thing. I used Ramdisk to make a virtual hard drive with my RAM and that did increase the frame rate slightly, maybe a 4 or 5 boost (was originally like 21-23 FPS.

    My power settings.

    What am I doing here... this guy seems to be running the game (with normal/medium settings) with a GT540m and I don't really know what I could do to make my system better... unless he had a better processor or... more RAM???

    I just don't know at this point.


    What should be handling PhsyX, the GT 540m right o_o

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    Probably you got a sh'it pre-instlalled version of Windows 7 that ASUS gave you. Get a CLEAN copy of Windows 7 and install it without all of their Asus non-sense on it. If not i'll get back to you and help you work it out.

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    The original OS on it was complete garbage but I just system restored from the recovery partition. And I got rid of all the bloatware that has no purpose.

    Please help me :(

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    I want you to run GPUz and CPUz and I want full system specs. Go to canirunit and ss your results for Arma II and Arma II OA.
    Screen cap everything. Then screen cap your settings on DayZ.

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    I wonder why it says no PhysX... weird. Nvidia site shows that I support PhysX

    Arma 2 OA: with DayZ mod running settings
    I have it at 1366 x 768 res and 3D res but cause it wouldnt let me use PUUSH I couldn't SS so had to go to windowed mode. Those are the exact settings I always use.

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    For one, set everything to Medium. Your Video Memory should be set to medium too you dumbnut.

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    Yeah...that's probably why >_>.

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    Those settings - Pretend that Windowed is 1366 x 768 can't take SS in game.
    @Corn; @Derosis;
    18-22 FPS. What else should I do? Everything that can be disabled is being disabled. Let's see.

    21-34 FPS... improvement... but...

    This is in the middle of Arma gameplay... shouldn't at be running at more than that? O-o

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    You're expecting a lot out of a laptop aren't you?

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    Asus RoGs aren't run of the mill laptops, they're desktop replacements. Mine can run Arkham Asylum on full settings and Arkham City on high.



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