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    I have 38k NX right now, and I'm trying VERY hard to resist those stupid permanent transparent items and pets. I want to get cubes, but I'm confused on which exactly. We have legend cubes or those weird enlightening ones (on sale) right now, and I am wondering what to get. I'm kinda mad they had the legend cubes on sale the other day but that cant be helped.

    So I was thinking of cubing my pants since trying to get 3L on my claw, earings, or top would probably take a while and I don't want to use one of those white awakening stamps. (15k... dang)

    So which cubes should I get? Legendary or Enlightening?

    By legendary I mean super. excuse my retardedness.

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    Rare to Epic = Miracle cubes
    Epic to Legendary = Super Miracle Cubes
    Legendary = Super Miracle Cubes, or Enlightening Miracle Cubes if you really want to burn money.

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    Aka if you don't think you have enough to get to legendary and don't want to be left with nothing significant.

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    Why miracle for going to epic? Same % chance as Super or what...?

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    I think the percentage is similar enough to not justify the more expensive cubes.

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    Well it went epic in 1 cube so after that I just bought super cubes... pineapple you Nexon...

    Still epic, crap stats 6% avoid or some garb. like that. After 20 cubes. I hate this game... grawr. I wish we could go back to the days when damage BARELY mattered and doing 5k was good enough. Graaaaah I could have got perm pets, perm transparent items, new hair, NX look, junk that would be worth it. Now I have a free AEE and a near worthless item.

    Remind me never to buy cubes again unless it's with mesos.

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    Told you just to sell gifts and buy a pair of pants lol

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    With the leftovers margin so small after hypothetically buying the perm set, I can understand initial reluctance to make that purchase :P I still don't know if I ought to; not sure how within-account tradeability of this stuff goes @_@

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    Considering supers cost more than enlightenings with the sale, why would you use them

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    You should have cubed when super cubes were 80 cents a pop.

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    Told you Bren its NX credit not prepaid. Dx

    @Cere; Get the perm junk way better than cubes or anything. I shoulda got a pet.

    @Zelkova; If only I had the money at the time...

    @Forever; Super's have a higher chance to get to raise potential rank... I would have used them once I got legendary or unique even.

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    Nexon's description for Enlightening cubes say they have the best chance of raising item level tier. From my experience (66 enlightening cubes by my inventory's count) they're no different, or only slightly higher. I hear cubing weapons is good, but I tried cubing three armors and didn't get pomegranate. Under 12-15% stat or so it's usually cheaper to just buy the item straight up.

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    </3 This game



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