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  1. Default Can't drop items/use items

    I know I'm not lagging, I can chat and do all those things, but I can't change maps, use items, drop items/mesos, or anything. It doesn't give an error or anything I just can't. I've restarted maplestory multiple times and restarted my comp. Once it almost let me in the cash shop but because I got hit by a monster. I don't know... it just wont let me do anything.

    Anyone know what's up?

    I know I'm not lagging I can chat to buddies and I get their replies and such... I can move and jump but I can't use flash jump. I can see my chat the second I press enter.

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    Default Re: Can't drop items/use items

    Isn't your buddy chat client sided? I think so, but don't quote me on this I think you'll never see your chat lagged, the question is how many seconds do you wait until you see an answer from your friends?

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    Default Re: Can't drop items/use items

    Are you trying to accept a Bigwig gift box?
    If you click on that your inventory and cash shop get locked, per Nexon's annoucement.

  4. Default Re: Can't drop items/use items

    That was it, thanks.

    And @Chew; no I mean when I talk regularly. If I'm lagging it will take a few seconds or so for the bubble to come above my head.



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