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  1. Default question for Battle Mage Twister Spin

    as title
    Twister Spin lv30 : MP Cost: 30, Duration: 20 sec, Damage: 360%, Number of Hits: 1, Cooldown Time: 12 sec

    quest :
    1. did it unlimited use ?

    2. Twister Spin still have Invincible ? or mob/boss will hit u like normal ?

    pls help me ty .

  2. Default Re: question for Battle Mage Twister Spin

    1. it not unlimited use .... the Cooldown start when you finish or end the twister duration

    2. the twister spin lose it invinciblity power and also lose it movement and yes the mob and boss can hit you like normal
    and also if you dont have stand on you will be Knockback



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