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    I was curious to see why this was suggested to me on Netflix, and I gave it a shot. I've seen the pilot all the way up to episode 7 and I'm already hooked. I have 5 other seasons to watch. This show is just pure action and story, I don't usually watch shows that last almost an hour because my attention span isn't the best. But I am just 100% on board. Anyone else a big fan? What can I look forward to?

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    You can look forward to some real gritty pomegranate. And I don't use these fancy fruit often, but for this show, it's deserving. Stomach dropping, turn-your-head-away kinda stuff. Well, maybe not in every episode, but there are a few scenes. Get ready for some characters you really hate, too. Lastly, character development in this series is some of the best on television, maybe/probably even better than some of the stuff on AMC.

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    Yeah breaking bad and the walking dead didn't really impress me the first few episodes. But this show is just amazing so far. I ended up watching the entire first season and some things I didn't expect to happen happened.



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