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  1. Default I need power elixers...

    Is there a boss to farm power elixers anymore? I used to get them from daily pap runs, but lately those have been a little... piss poor. I don't think I have the DPS for a zakum solo (no nerves to get the JQ items for eyes either), so is there anything that has a decent drop rate (maybe >30) drops anywhere?

    Thanks in advance :)

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    Default Re: I need power elixers...

    Elixirs and power elixirs drop? When did they start dropping again?

  3. Default Re: I need power elixers...

    Balrog pq drops both of the tradable verstion at the bonus stage.
    takes like 3 mins to finish now

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    Default Re: I need power elixers...

    I used to farm them off the Blue Mushmom at Henesys until the drops were nerfed :(

    Used to drop like 6 at a time. Sigh.

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    Default Re: I need power elixers...

    Leviathan still drops tradeable Power Elixirs, but it's 0-1 per kill...

  6. Default Re: I need power elixers...

    This is very disappointing. Why would they nerf the drops? :(

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    Default Re: I need power elixers...

    If you don't care if they're untradeable, DrPQ 10 times a day. Great source of power elixirs.



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