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    I know @ has mentioned this before, but might as well shed some light into this game, as it seems kinda unknown here in the US, and it's just been released in Japan this past month, and does it look good. Apparently, it's been delayed in the US till March 31st, 2013, regardless if the game is complete (and in english.) because of glitches[?] and quite a number of other things.
    But, I digress, here's the trailer.

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    According to folks who have imported it, there ain't nothing wrong aside from 1 or 2 angry guys whining about WLAN v. LAN.

    Sega confirmed for dumbasses aaa-

    ANYWAY. Game is essentially a multiplayer God Hand. Its great. Platinum/Japanese players have published legit combo videos and each character has quite a few unique combos/abilities, and some are more devastating than others.

    No, its not a sequel to Madworld, though references to it (and previous Platinum/Clover games) are found all over the place.

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    Exactly! I don't know what Sega's smoking right now. The glitches doesn't seem serious either, aside from the major crashes. Take a look in this article from Kotaku.
    Over here.
    They should really consider bumping the date to this Winter or something. What's the worst it could do?

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    Some more gameplay with the only other char aside from the smooth-ass motherfu'cker in my sig I wanna main.



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