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    I've got everything on the build done correctly, all the power connectors to the board in, power to the drives, etc. But when I boot this thing up, I get no display.. It doesnt go to BIOS or anything. Can someone help me with this, because I already RMA'd the first board.. I really don't want to wait around to RMA another..

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    Does it beep? Does the Power LED flash? If there's some problem so severe that it can't start up, most boards will emit a series of beep codes, LED flashes, or some such. You have to write down the sequence of beeps or flashes and then look it up in the board's manual to see what the problem is. For example, I had a Lenovo laptop here (at my job) that wouldn't start; it would beep once, pause, beep 3 times, pause, 3 again, pause, 1 beep. Looking that up told me I had faulty RAM.

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    I have to find the case speaker first. Might have to pull my old dell apart to get it though.



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