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  1. Default [JapanMS] Hayato Videos

    First Job

    Second Job

    Third Job

    Fourth Job
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  2. Default Re: [JapanMS] Hayato Videos

    That ultimate skill is probably the most epic thing i've seen in maple, I hope gms copies this in some way :(

  3. Default Re: [JapanMS] Hayato Videos

    Cant wait to see 3rd and 4th job More videos please!

  4. Default Re: [JapanMS] Hayato Videos

    Second job video is up :

    Third job video is coming soon. I'm deeply in love with this class. It is my dream class. All of the attacks chain together so fluidly.

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    Default Re: [JapanMS] Hayato Videos

    Damit that looks like a warr class I would play. Sad i dont think it will be coming to gms at all

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    Third job~

    I'm currently sitting at level 90. What a day. Lmao

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    Geez man, your voice sounds almost gone. Take it easy, alright?

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    Definitely will pass on Hayato. :x More interested in the Shrine Maiden at the moment.

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    wow that's actually pretty cool

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    Default Re: [JapanMS] Hayato Videos

    Only Warrior job i am actually really interested in.
    And we probably won't get it :(

    Awesome videos, your commentary on the skills was cool, sounded like you were enjoying yourself.

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    I put together some tables of what skills explicitly chain together. Of particular note Yousousen (鷹爪閃) appears to be broken as pineapple when you chain it unless there's some other factor that slows it down.

    I have a few questions though:

    For Battoujutsu - Shingitai (抜刀術・心技体) the description seems to imply the Critical Hit Rate is replaced, rather than added, [抜刀使用時にクリティカル確率は#y%], which would mean until it's level 5 it is lower Critical than the first job's Battoujutsu. Is this accurate, or do they stack with each other?

    For 飛鴉, we rendered the romanisation as Hikarasu, but it could also be read with on'yomi as Hia, does he voice this skill at all? I didn't catch it in your video.

    Would you be able to check if any skills have a spam delay? In particular, I'm concerned about how fast Yousousen appears to be on paper, and there's probably something stopping people from using Yousousen>Senpuuzan/Sanrenzan>Yousousen

    Also, I'm very jelly of the fact that Yousousen and Senpuuzan give these gigantic passive buffs that make older skills not redundant.

  12. Default Re: [JapanMS] Hayato Videos

    Seeing that the skills chain makes me somewhat more interested, but since it's not coming to GMS I'm not going to get too excited for it.

  13. Default Re: [JapanMS] Hayato Videos

    Skill chaining? *Steals Justin's thread*

    I didn't know it when I was recording, but chaining Continuous Blade Slash (The rush skill), and Dankuusen (The assaulter skill) is amazing.

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    -Yeah. It's kind of annoying to put points into it at low levels because of that. It did lower my critical rate by 4% when I put my first point into it. The other additions to the skill don't really seem big enough to outweigh
    it, either.

    -Nope, no voice. I guess it's just up to interpretation.

    -I haven't gotten to Yousousen yet, but when I do, I'll test that out for you. However, there are only delays on skills when used continuously. For instance, you can't use Dankuusen (on mobs) several times in a row. In that situation, it works like the Viper skills Double Spiral and Screw Punch. It's extremely fluid if you chain attacks.

    Of my current skill set, at level 91, these are the skills that cannot be spammed on their own :


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    ffffffffffffff so want this class because of chaining reasons. It's like playing Tales series all over again

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    Default Re: [JapanMS] Hayato Videos

    Aside from the absurd attack range of their main attack, this samurai is exactly what warriors should be.

    Here's hoping it comes to GMS and without any animation/story changes! *crosses fingers*

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    Default Re: [JapanMS] Hayato Videos

    I keep excepting the class to say "Shoryuken". But still, this warrior class. Samurai class. Hnnnng!

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    This class looks and plays like how I imagined a bandit/shadower should be.

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    Default Re: [JapanMS] Hayato Videos

    Well snap.

    This is a class that would get me actively playing again... sad it's an exclusive.



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