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  1. Default Charging NX from Steam

    So today I wanna sell my Xbox games because I hate Xbox and am giving it away. I read that you can charge NX from your Steam wallet. Just wondering how this works, and if the charged NX is prepaid or credit. I owe some people some things, and well I hope it's prepaid Dx I would just buy NX cards at GameStop but my parents hate NX and say it's a waste so I obviously can't do that. At least I can convince them to let me buy my own Steam Cards.

    So how does this work? And also: I can use this NX in Maple right o-o

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    steam charged nx is nx credit
    and i am so glad i don't have to waste gas anymore to go buy nx, pineapple you error code 51, i finally have a way around you

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    Alright sweet. I guess the guy I owe 5k will have to wait Dx. It works on all Nexon games right, they didn't invent some retarded system that makes it only in Vindictus or whatever?



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