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  1. Default what 3150 to get?

    The ones I'm realistically considering are:
    Udyr, Olaf, Pantheon, Shen, Akali, Anivia, Kat, Blitz, Karthus, and GP. I tend to like tanks and off-tanks with good amounts of CC (Jax, Riven, Amumu, Malphite, Alistar, Nunu) but Kennen, Varus, and Janna have been really fun for me too. I usually go top, jungle, or support but I could stand going mid.
    Wat do.

  2. Default Re: what 3150 to get?

    You probably wouldn't like Pantheon, Akali, Anivia, Katarina, or Blitz. I'd say GP.

  3. Default Re: what 3150 to get?

    Shen is still really good for Top and Jungle. I'd pick him IMO.

  4. Default Re: what 3150 to get?

    Shen seems to always be banned, so if you're willing to make that investment go for it.

  5. Default Re: what 3150 to get?

    If he was specifically choosing a Champion solely for Ranked, then I would go with Olaf as he's a strong Top lane and Jungler.

    Karthus is still a really strong Mid lane, but he's been slowly creeping up in the "Ban Priority" list.

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    He's banned most games.

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    Olaf or udyr will probably be the most fun for you. GP, Blitz, pantheon would be my secondary choices.

    @Above: Most people ban "the standard" at my elo which I don't like. This means


    If I ever get to ban, I usually ban any of the following


    Those are the picks I usually see. When someone at my elo picks shen/shaco/kassadin, 9/10 they're horrible at them.

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    Probably in your ELO lol. He's banned uncommonly higher up.

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    >watch any pro streamer
    >see karthus banned more than half the time
    >wat do?
    also I don't play ranked. Normal draft. Probably has better knowledge of bans and good picks than most of 1200 and below. Mainly because the people who are doing it are actually trying to prepare for ranked for the most part.

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    >Play Ahri, huehue

    I probably watch the wrong streamers then, cause all the 2.2k+ streamers I watch, Karthus gets banned once every few games.

    Like I said, if you want to avoid the banhammer 99.9% of the time, get Olaf.

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    I distinctly remember oddone peaching about Karthus being banned a ton so he couldn't jungle him, last week.

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    Default Re: what 3150 to get?

    Gangplank. Offtank that can go top, jungle, or support. Lacks the cc portion though, but his passive is a slight slow and his ult is excellent.

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    Default Re: what 3150 to get?

    Udyr. A nice top laner, and a great jungler to use if you need a champ in that role.

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    Normal draft and ranked draft are very different in terms of who you play with. The main reason being you can go premades of 3-5 really easily compared to rank and carry the leftovers if they suck. Even with a strong duo q comp, you can lose in ranked due to derps.

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    I would go with pantheon. He can run any lane including jungle and he can double as offtank come mid-late game.

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    I would get Mantheon or Olaf or Blitz. Or GP, cause dat /L is op.
    Udyr is a good jungler too, but his range makes it kinda lame, I end up getting all the speed buffs on udyr. Youmuu, Shurelya, ghost, also the slows, Mallet and Atma.

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    Olaf, Udyr, or Gangplank.
    All three can top-lane and jungle well.



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