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  1. Default Chalice + 2x Doran's Anivia

    I don't quite know what froggen does (other than Warmog's), but I'm finding that this lane build is pretty strong, if not ridiculous. Like anything, it is not infallible, and it has its weaknesses. But for the sake of arguments and non-GD-like troll behavior, I decided to post here and ask for thoughts and opinions on this strategy.

    -- Vs. AP champion.
    -- Laning phase to early-mid game.

    Some metrics:
    -- You can usually rush Chalice on your first back by level 6, if your last-hitting isn't bad. If their jungler ganks early, you might be forced back earlier, but just play it out as best as you can.
    -- In comparison, Catalyst comes later, unless you get a kill. It costs 1325 gold. In comparison, Chalice + Doran costs 890 + 475 = 1365. Catalyst does give you more general survivability with its HP and HP5 bonus on leveling, but Chalice + Doran gives you an acceptable substitute on survivability versus magic damage, and has superior mana regen for the long-run.
    -- Chalice + 2x Doran lets you farm lane indefinitely with level 1 R. I've done the math. If you get blue buff, feel free to farm your jungle and their jungle too (though the latter presents some complications).

    -- Farm. Lots and lots of farm. Anivia can pump out rather nasty amounts of damage if played right.
    -- Anivia's Glacial Storm is one of the fastest farming skills in the game. Its drawback is that it is a mana black hole. But if you can abuse it endlessly (as this build lets you do), the usual result is that the minions get pushed into the enemy turret, dealing damage (it builds up over time), and causing the enemy champion to compete with the turret for minion kills. The net result is that you outpace your opponent's farming, and you become a force to be reckoned with mid-late game.
    -- Since you're pushing the minion waves to mid's turret constantly, they're forced to make hard decisions. Either gank lanes and lose mid, or waste mana defending mid and be unable to gank.

    Points of attack:
    -- A wild jungler appears! Wild jungler ganks Anivia! Yes, the potential wild card, where pushing a lane constantly is much more likely to summon it. Nothing that map awareness and warding can't solve. Since you're going to be making a gross amount of money, assuming you didn't die twice, you can afford to support yourself with wards. If you can only ward one side, I would prefer bottom side, since Wraiths are popular, and it synergizes with bottom lane's warding. Unless they're wall hopping junglers like Fizz.
    ---- If the jungler gets Oracle's, well, that sucks. Player smarter I guess. Gank the jungler with your jungler?
    -- This build delays building mana. You may find yourself unable to spam skills at the speed that you want if you're trying to kill someone or someone needs help, or if an extended fight happens. Ouch.
    -- This build was not made for dueling necessarily. Anivia isn't known for a good early game anyways. However, she is good at farming at a relatively safe distance, and most of her skills can be used for escaping. So if you're going to duel someone, do it at your own risk.
    -- You lose a significant advantage if your opponent is able to farm minion waves comparably fast as you can, and can do it for a long time.

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    Default Re: Chalice + 2x Doran's Anivia

    Well here's the deal:

    One great benefit to your build is that with 2x Dorans and Chalice, you're able to stay in lane significantly longer due to the additional mana regen from Chalice. IMO, I think this early-game build is great if you plan to play safe, get as much as farm as possible, make your opponent lose some farm under their tower through tower pushing, and basically win your lane through attrition.

    However, one downside is that you'll be delayed building your core items for some time because your first ~2K of you gold goes towards items that allow you to stay in lane longer. Unless you farm up enough to start building your core items in time, there's the possibility you could "fall behind" - in farm and items.

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  4. Default Re: Chalice + 2x Doran's Anivia

    Most mids now will do at least one doran's before building into anything else, and probably an even higher majority goes to double dorans before their first item. After that I'd say the majority of mids split into three groups: The ones that are rushing a deathcap, the ones rushing a zhonyas, and the ones that are rushing wota/dfg/sheen/chalice. So I'd say you're really getting around 1k gold behind, maybe 1.5k gold, and in some cases going about even in items, albeit with different a difference focus than what you're going for. Unless you can back and buy a needlessly large rod or something on your first back, you're going to be trying to keep even with the other mid. And even if you did have that gold, in most cases it's better to get sorcs, doran(s), wards, and pots than it would be to get the large rod immediately.

    Anyway, my point was that builds are very rarely big items first these days. You want to keep a steady power curve throughout the game if you can. Having sudden jumps in survivability or damage may feel wonderful, but it can make you weaker at times than going with a few cheaper items. Anivia has the advantage of really good base damage, so you can get away with building damage much later than you would otherwise, but there is a cost. I think that for most people, they need the extra mana from chalice to keep up their farm against the other farming mids, but for some people, like Froggen, they can go damage, full tank, or any number of builds and will be fine because they can farm so efficiently even with a limited mana pool. For those players, going chalice and dorans rings is probably more of a matchup choice than a necessary build option, but for less skilled players, or players who want to use their abilities more often, going chalice and dorans is a solid way to do things.

  5. Default Re: Chalice + 2x Doran's Anivia

    That'd be equivalent to you allowing your ass to die. Since this build is specifically tailored for farming and survivability vs. AP champs, you must be doing something wrong if that happens, whether it is because of poor play, or because you picked wrong (probably a bad idea to use Anivia against Morde for example).

    Also, it would be more accurate to say "widen the gap between your own farm and their farm". Time is really only a subjective things depending on how well the other players do. I've had times where I beasted my opponent in mid, but he ended up getting fed off of the other lanes, thus ultimately winning the game.

    On an interesting note, I heard that Athene's Unholy Grail was supposed to be a catch-up option for mana caster champions. I'm not sure if that really is the case.



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