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  1. Default Advice on my situation

    This would be an angry dome thread but I'm at a loss here. Hell for once I don't even know how to start this whole thing, but here goes nothing;

    Introduction to Sin

    Why god's hands are tied

    The purpose


    So do I just lie down and accept my sister is a inconsiderate bi`tch where wishing she suffers such an amount of failure she may commit suicide reasonable?

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    As much as it hurts, you have to let her fall. It's the only way she'll learn. None of this is your fault, Your parent's are too lenient to do anything and thats something they have to deal with, not you. Your not the parent here, nor should you be responsible for her. Dont buy her anything, Only drive her around if you absolutly have to. The only thing you can hope for at this point is she falls hard enough for a reality check without killing her.

    Also, Have you considered moving out to get away from all the drama? I dont know the exact situation but i'm betting it would be better than living with it day in and day out.

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    I can't consider it yet, it's way to expensive over here.

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    Default Re: Advice on my situation

    i have to ask you man, what stops you from moving the hell out of there? (yes, i did read everything) someone help me translate this, but about your mother "a oidos sordos, palabras necias" i.e. if she won't listen anyways, whatever you say won't matter.

    about your sister, cut her from your life, period, stop the niceties and the gifts and the whatnots, let her do what she wants and don't have anything to do with it.

    if there's someone that i feel sorry for it's your father, who from what you say, has his job preventing him from sending her to an institution or something.

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    Default Re: Advice on my situation

    That's pretty pineappleed up, especially the guy in the basement.
    There's not much you can do, especially if your mom just kinda ignores what you've talked to her about and moves on.
    I know for sure I wouldn't be buying her alcohol though

    In all honesty, if I were you I'd just sit back and wait for the real world to hit your sister in the face.

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    I pay about $500 bucks in rent, that's for everything. That alone would probably get me a really crappy townhouse, which would jump my total rent to over $1200 buck's including utilities and sh`it like that. I could live off that, but my current situation is better for my pocket. I'm considering it once I get my girlfriend migrated over here and she gets a job. Otherwise I would have left awhile ago.

    He doesn't have the money and if I were personally report her it could affect his job status. He has to extra careful because he's a highly moral guy and he takes a lie detector test every year. So he may not be able to pass it if he knows there's illegal activities in the household.

    Oh, I'm waiting, she thinks she has the real world figured out. But I'm so waiting.

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    Default Re: Advice on my situation

    in paragraph order:

    i say so mainly because i'm concerned on your mental health.

    i know, it's why i feel sorry for him

    believe it or not, i'm waiting for this thread myself. those tears will be so delicious i'd be able to taste them through the internet and your extremely cool way of portraying stuff.

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    Same order;

    Meh in that regard there is no worry. The only reason I didn't join the military is because I didn't agree with the war. No shape or form does someone I believe inferior to me could hurt my ego. But this is just a rant I needed to have. lol

    -both paragraphs-
    See the thing is, I have a feeling my father is going to find out about the tattoo soon, which might lead to a divorce on account of her, I can deal with it, however, I hope it eats her up alive. I hope this agency in L/a (which I'm going too as well if anyone in L/a wants to meet up@@) completely destroys her. If she becomes famous I'll be the first mother f`ucker to sell that b`itch out, I tell you what

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    Default Re: Advice on my situation

    following the order

    neh, not about your ego, i live in conditions that are somewhat similar, and it's just one big stress, i don't leave for the same reasons as you though losing that money from the pocket does hurt ._. but my family is pretty taxing.

    divorces are somewhat serious, but knowing you, if that happens you'll be fine, and i'd rather not go deeper into that discussion so i'm dropping it, instead i'll ask, when should we be expecting a thread about her applying for the job? (and when you rat her out in the improbable case the improbable happens, mind your dad*)

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    It depends if it's worth talking about, I'll be there the entire first week of august though.

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    So an update of the situation since my dad has been back;

    He came back on saturday at around 5 o clock. Welcomed him home let him ya know, digest he's home. He was under a lot of the stress because he was part of the chair commitee in Geneva(sp?) which is essentially regulates the entire radio conference.
    what they do to my knowledge

    My mom knew I was going to say something cus I was so fed up with this, so she hit the alcohol to cushon the blow. Unfortunately for her, I'm a little more considerate than to lay that out on him the day he's back. In fact I had previously decided I'd just blow after this whole L/A vacation. Even more unfortunate is that my sister thought my dad was coming home sunday, not saturday, and ended up having them all crash again at our house. My mom warned her and she kicked all of em out by like 1. Dad came home, sister wasn't home, mind you this is like after 2 weeks, didn't even bother saying hi to him. He's spending nearly 4 grand on this goddamn trip for her and her friends are much more important.

    Well congratulations to my sister for allowing her asinine behavior to leave me an opening. My mom was really tired cus of the wine and the fact she was stressin that she thought I was going to be like "OH MY GOD MOM IS SUCH A FAILURE SHE LET THIS AND THIS AND THIS HAPPEN". My girlfriend and I stayed up till about 2:30 am before calling it a night, waiting for her to come in. She comes in at 3 am, with 2 guy's, and bangs pots and pans to make something quick to eat. My dad's time is about 6 hours ahead, so 3 am is 9 am to him. He comes down, tells her to go to bed and lock's the front door before heading up. When he came down 3 hour's later he saw the door was unlocked, which means someone was here at 3 am. My sister really tried to play it off to my mom as "dad went out to smoke he forgot to lock it@@", but when my dad confronted her about it, "I locked it thinking it was unlocked, which left it unlocked".

    My dad saw the tip of the ice burg with this curfew thing. Unfortunately the toilet down stairs in the basement was leaking, and my sister was strangely curious about that, as in, I'm pretty sure one of her dumb ass friends caused it to leak by leaning on it or something. I know my dad caught the hint of "strangely curious", but he's a rational guy, he won't attack/make claims without evidence. I know someone stayed down in the basment imbetween those hours because I made a trap. I brought all the pillows up last night at 2:30 am, and suddenly they were all down there. My sister was definitely sleeping in her room, also the bed down there was made cus my gf/mom recently cleaned the "office" side of the basment.

    None the less my dad gave her a lecture about her curfew and how he'd reasonably accept her being out from 12-12:30am, although curfew for under 18 is 12 for our area, but 3am is completely off the mark and not acceptable. She played it off as she's sorry but all she does is hang out at another kid's house. Also throwing her friends under the bus saying that they don't let her come home at that time. My dad prompty responded, if they were real friends they'd respect you, and they'll respect a very very lenient rule I try to enforce. After the whole lecture, my sisters entire crew was outside, in 95 degree heat, humidity making it like 110, just...sitting on the porch. They are too afraid of my dad to even walk into the house. My sister forced them in to say hi. My dad was friendly to them, I'm not sure of his opinion of them as of yet, but he was being polite at the very least. Cracking a joke or two whatever.

    They all left to go do whatever, where I walk into the kitchen, overhearing the entire conversation, and I simply say "We need to talk about what happened during this trip cus it wasn't fun, but I'll tell you after the L/a trip to not put on further awkwardness." I planted the seed. I gave him a foreshadowing, a worry, and all I have to do is leave the house for 20 minutes, for him to try to get the answers out of my mother. So I left to best buy to get a TB external drive and came back, where he pulled me to the side.

    He tried to lecture me on not being a parent, how the whole
    food inquiry
    food thing is petty but he'll take care of it. That I should get off my mom's case and how my sister can be difficult, let them two be the parents. I kind of gawked at him, more pissed off at the fact the only thing my mother could tell him about this whole thing is "Dustin's mad cus (sister) at all his food one night". I pulled up the rocking chair behind me, "Okay, let's talk about this whole thing".

    I tell him everything that has happened, how 5 guys essentially were here every night, all day, only to be playing instruments at 2 am in the morning. How my sister outright defied my mother multiple times after I did confront her about the situation. How she'd come home at 3 am, her entire group wreaking in pot that even the house caught the fumes for an hour, only to be bing eating everything in the house. How she drank all my alcohol without even consulting me, how she made me hook up the wii only to steal all the accessories I purchased, and play at ungodly hours. How my mom tied my noose by telling my sister I ratted her out, punishing me for being honest with my dad, how on some day's they stole my parking spot, how they constantly begged for cash, my sister literally telling my mother "I already spent one paycheck for my vacation! YOU need to pay for my stuff now" (roughly $100), compltely wrecked my bathroom, used nearly everything in it, and how even though I did tell my mom about the food thing, that she clearly wasn't getting the point.

    My dad called my sister up not even 2 minutes later, telling her how she needs to get home by curfew and if she brings anyone home he's calling the police on both of them. He's gonna have a long talk with her today, I'm sure. I'll keep you updated cus this is some well deserving redemption that I've been starving for.

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    My advice is to not take family-related advice from kids on the internet, myself included (save this tidbit.)

    Most people here aren't old enough to have any genuine experience or solid answers for your issues, especially in a situation as difficult as yours. It's really your parents responsibility and your dad kind of needs to stop being such a platypus and take some action if she's threatening to his career.

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    I'm more on the lines ranting and looking for a discussion really. You guy's are my uncertified psychologist.

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    Dispose of her discreetly and cleanly. Such a sad accident.

    Honestly there is not much you can do. You will just have to deal with her until you move out.

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    Pretty much this.

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    Elaborate, I'm inflicting pain or I should be inflicting pain, or maybe I just look psychotic

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    Default Re: Advice on my situation

    I hope she gets taught a lesson.

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    I imagined you licking your lips as you typed this.

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    Default Re: Advice on my situation

    Delicious punishment.

  20. Default Re: Advice on my situation

    The latter two. Your sister is a b'itch, mind my language.



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