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    2D side-scrolling MOBA. Looks really cool. Was previously released on XBLA and PSN, got good reviews. Anyone else going to try this?

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    Was I the only one expecting a Egoraptor parody of Psychonauts by the title?

    Regardless, looks interesting.

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    Dat theme song.

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    Well I just played the Demo and it's kinda fun.
    Like a good hybrid between Dota(LoL) and Maple, it's good but I feel like something it's missing, I guess it's because it's only 3 vs 3 so there are no "major" battles. Hopefully they will make the PC version to support 5vs5 that would be great.
    Oh and there are only like... 6 classes? There are more to come but "DLC"... meh.

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    Awesomenauts is out on Steam right now! I'll be buying it and making a review about it.

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    bought a three pack
    gave one to my bro
    and saving the other one



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