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Thread: [GMS] GMS v113 - Bugfixes

  1. Default GMS v113 - Bugfixes

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    - The server select screen should look a little different. The server icons were moved around.
    - Phantom beginner had two new skills added to the data. I'd tell you what they were, but there's no string data for it. At any rate, one of the icons looks like a magic claw icon, and the other skill has the three snails icon.
    - Looks like they changed animation details regarding the Phantom Set background effect when all pieces are worn.
    - Arcane Aim should have a description and level readout now.
    - Quest had a ton of strings added. It looks like a lot of reward summaries. Over 200kb of quest strings were added.

    That should be it as far as the WZ files go. Just a bunch of bugfixes.

  2. Default Re: GMS v113 - Bugfixes

    Thank you good sir! Nice to see nexon actively working on fixing bugs.

  3. Venus Fly Bi Male
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    Default Re: GMS v113 - Bugfixes

    Awesome, maybe they fixed Phantom final attack.

  4. Default Re: GMS v113 - Bugfixes

    Hmmm... it still doesn't look too promising.

    Unless there's way more to it.

  5. Can of Soup
    IGN: ResistGreen
    Server: Khaini
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    Default Re: GMS v113 - Bugfixes

    I really hope so. I'm praying that the beginner skills added fixed it.

  6. Default Re: GMS v113 - Bugfixes

    -fangirl squeal-

  7. Default Re: GMS v113 - Bugfixes

    Their updated Bug List still lists it as broken.

  8. Default Re: GMS v113 - Bugfixes

    No fix for death hack? Disappointed. Now I still can't go into FM. :(

  9. Default Re: GMS v113 - Bugfixes

    Oh good. I can finally complete Aliens Prequests. I was getting bored of being assaulted at MP3, so being assaulted at aliens will be a nice change of pace.

  10. Default Re: GMS v113 - Bugfixes

    Such a fix would not be in the WZ files. It's a server sided packet edit. I don't see how that would affect the WZ files at all.

  11. Default Re: GMS v113 - Bugfixes

    Ah, okay. Thanks for the clarification. I not really good with programming lol.

  12. Default Re: GMS v113 - Bugfixes

    This sounds like they are reverting it back to the original form that caused lag. D:

  13. Default Re: GMS v113 - Bugfixes

    If this is the case I'm going to be a very sad panda.

  14. Default Re: GMS v113 - Bugfixes

    Its about time. I hope with the recent cash shop ending the new cash shop items will have the set; seeing how they fixed the background effect.

  15. Default Re: GMS v113 - Bugfixes

    I didn't know they even changed it to fix it? :O

  16. Default Re: GMS v113 - Bugfixes

    I believe the snail and magic claw icons are Visitor Ranged Attack and I forget what the other 1 is called.

  17. Default Re: GMS v113 - Bugfixes

    i really hope...the phantom set isnt inside the stupid Mystical style boxes.

    Edit: oops lolz
    Last edited by PervyLion; 2012-07-17 at 11:39 AM.

  18. Default Re: GMS v113 - Bugfixes

    No of course they wouldn’t put the Phantom set in the Surprise Style Boxes. That would just be silly, Nexon aren’t that crazy. They will be in the Mystcial Surprise Style boxes!

  19. Default Re: GMS v113 - Bugfixes

    In a way I guess I'm sort of hoping that it'll be Surprise Style, because that'll make up my mind to spend my NX on DFO event avatars instead.

  20. Default Re: GMS v113 - Bugfixes

    They didn't get rid of Black Cypher or make Evans free to play? Le sigh.

    Well, at least they're doing something.

    Although the fact that there are more known issues than bug fixes makes me sadpanda.jpg



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