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  1. Default Phantom Skill Books exactly can we get the level30 versions of Phantom books without using the mystery books?

    I know you can get ONE book from the Neo City quests (but its random), and the Renegade shop only sells Lvl20 Books and then the MMBs, but I can't seem to find any drop list for the books, more specifically Aria Amour 30.

    And if the only way we CAN get books is from the MMB, how would I go about farming them without using the Renegade Shop?

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    Default Re: Phantom Skill Books

    You can't really "Farm" MMBs, since the drop rate is rather low. You're pretty much better off just using the renegade shop or browsing the FM...
    Or you can wait until the "Special" Mystery Book gets fixed and just go from 10 -> 30 with those.

  3. Default Re: Phantom Skill Books

    What's wrong with the Special Books?

    I might just do the random Phantom Books for 27 coins but ugh.

  4. Default Re: Phantom Skill Books

    When you try to select a book from the Special Book menu, nothing happens.

  5. Default Re: Phantom Skill Books

    55 coins MMB for Phantom does not work
    I basically did pzakx3 each day, leveled, etc to get 27 coins
    got all the books that I could for 27 coins
    and started buying 27 coins phantom mystery book to get the level 30 books

    because of pzak and lots of people multi-accounting the price of phantom books dropped
    I've seen Cane Mastery 30 at 170m go down to 60m in scania



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