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    Well, yesterday was the first time in about 2 months that I've had a migraine - And let me tell you this was a bad one.

    My day began just as any other. I woke up at around 6:20 AM (EST; I'm still used to PST sadly) and I got up and prepared to go to the beach. My grandma is a weird one, and decided it would be smart to get there at 10 AM. Well, we up and went to the beach and I slept for the entire car ride. (Stayed up somewhat late playing GeypleStory) We get to our room, and then as I put my swimsuit on it hits me.

    The visual auras are setting in. I know at this point the rest of my day is bloody ruined, so I just decided to sweat it out. I tell my grandma when we get there, and she tells me to take a nap and recommend that I eat something, so she goes and gets me some french fries.


    I ate some cheese fries, and well, that cheese DEFINITELY had something growing in it, or something funky going on. Not only did I have a HORRIFIC migraine, but I was throwing up for the next 6 hours straight. I didn't even have any fries left in me and I just kept spitting up.

    That's not the worst of it though - I could handle the throwing up, that didn't phase me at all, but what really annoyed me was the migraine systems. I don't know if you know about hemiplegic migraines, but I have every single sympton supposedly that is supposed to be had from a hemiplegic migraine, so that's my self diagnosis.

    For some people, the vision auras occur at the beginning before any pain, but that's not the issue for me. I get everything like a train wreck. Everything hits. My right hand (and in this case my hand) goes numb, the vision auras make my life miserable, my head hurts (idc about that though - the least of my problems), and life just freaking sucks.

    Thanks for reading!

    tl;dr I got a migraine it bloody sucked.

    Share your migraine experiences here.... if you dare. Don't wanna remember yesterday...

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    i get migraines every other week. its a family thing. my dad, my mom, my brother and majority of my aunts and uncles get it frequently. I sort of got used to it and Panadol(paracetamol) is always in my backpack.

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    I used to have minor seizures, then I started taking medication. All I get now are mild headaches and dizziness.

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    My aunt had brain surgery at 15 and they nicked a blood vessel, so now when she gets stressed it bleeds a little and the pressure causes her migraines.

    She's looking after a baby 24/7 and an insane mother, by the way. Needless to say, she gets them often. ~_~

    As for me, I haven't had one in over a decade; as a child, at one point around middle school I was having 2-3 a week. I missed like 60 days of school that year, seriously. I'd rather not talk about the level of pain, but yeah, if my eyes registered anything more than complete darkness, if I moved, if I heard any noise whatsoever, it was like someone hitting me in the head with a hammer, and more often than not it was so bad that it caused me to throw up, or at least dry heave when I had nothing left to throw up.

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    I feel your pain... hopefully mine go away as I get older, as I hear many people's do...



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