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  1. Default What would your ideal MMOG be like?

    Yeah, this should probably go into General Gaming, but since this wouldn't be a discussion about existing games it would be pretty awkward having it there.

    Feel free to list out features from other games you have played/heard of or even thought up, that you would love to see in an MMOG.

    I'll start.

    Genre: MMORPG


    - Engaging story
    - Robust combat system that isn't point-and-click + auto-attack. i.e. press a button and you attack (e.g. Maplestory, Dragon Saga, Grand Chase, etc.)
    - Restrictive skill slot system: players can only equip/hotkey a certain number of active skills at a time, can only switch skills out in safe areas or at designated points (e.g. Summon Night: Swordcraft Story*). Possible to further limit the skillsets with a Capacity Point system (think Dissidia's AP system).
    - Expansive crafting system: besides equipment/potion crafting (e.g. pretty much every MMORPG), perhaps furniture/decor crafting to decorate a virtual house (e.g. Wonderland Online).
    - For the love of God, no gender-locked classes.
    - Massive character customisation system.

    *Not an MMO. Also skills could be swapped out between battles as game is not Open-World/Sandbox.

    Other than these points, I don't really care what they do with classes/skills or anything else. They could go with NosTale's system or Wonderland Online's system for all I care.

    What about you?
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  2. Default Re: What would be your ideal MMOG?

    This thread is not for discussing existing games. If it were, I would have posted it in General Gaming. In this thread, assume that your ideal MMOG does not exist. Compile the features you want this non-existent MMOG to have.

    I firmly believe that there's no such thing as an ideal game, but if you really do think that you've come across one then you really have no need to participate in this discussion.

    p.s. I'm not chasing you away or anything. Just hoping that you would understand the purpose of this thread.

  3. Default Re: What would be your ideal MMOG?

    I did not see that this was placed in the speakesy, my bad.

    Regardless, to elaborate:

    Genre: MMORPG


    - I want a story where i feel that my character actually matters, that i am not just random character #6245 doing quest #432, but that i can actually have an influence on the world the game is placed in.
    - I also want an interesting combat system where all classes/roles/whatever can help eachother out and there are no NEEDED classes, as in, all classes can be useful and help out without a class being required to beat something.
    - I also want an interesting environment that is beautiful to explore while letting me encounter enemies that are fun to battle.
    - Good and well thought out PvP is also a really great thing that i would like to find, something that is more than either just who zergs the best and is more than one class being the best at X and Y.
    - And an interesting crafting system that is fun to use while giving you useful equipment as well.
    - And the last thing would be, no such thing as "game begins at max level" or "Game is best while leveling" the game has to be fun while getting to the endgame and while being at the endgame.

    And a thing that i'd really love would probably be a game with a good community, but well, that's not really something you can add to a game as a feature :[

  4. Default Re: What would be your ideal MMOG?

    Genre: MMORPG/RTS


    - A world that is not only big but is interactive.
    - A castle+manor+siege system in which the owner of that area can modify at a big scale the environment and conquer more areas (the reason why the map would need to be big).
    - Disegard the leveling system, make it only skill based.
    - NPCs change quests tasks/rewards depending on the enviroment.
    - A few set of castles that are invincible so those with no terrain/castle can grow enough to overtake those with a castle.
    - Resourses and taxes are rewards for holding different areas.
    - Said resourses are gathered by NPCs hired with the castle and are given to the town shop NPCs to supply shops, used to modify the areas, given to craft NPCs to make potions and the likes, with a chance to obtain base materials for crafting gear.
    - Bosses at random times go on strolls and raid everything they find (ie. all that is owned by players).
    - Towns although managed in most part by NPCs can be modified and give taxes to their owners depending on player NPCs transactions.
    - The resourse gathering NPCs can be killed by players, so you gotta guard with a variety of options, from putting player of said clan/guild to keep a watch, to setting walls (that are breakable like most in the game) with NPC guards on them.

    So pretty much EVE+LII but with a touch of RTS, that way each server/world is different, the quests would rarely get repetitive, those areas that are usually unused are key parts to the game and in overall all the world is everchanging so updates are not a must.

  5. Default Re: What would be your ideal MMOG?

    A game that is definitely open world.
    Large, expansive world, and no BS training grounds like in Maple. Every area should at least be worthwhile - certain areas give good exp for lower levels, certain for higher, but no specified areas - IE: not every person level 120 or above goes to LHC/SH/etc.
    No party play BS - I like solo sometimes, I know it's an MMORPG and is to encourage partying, but not always.
    Quests that are ALMOST as fast as grinding - And actually interesting, engaging, storylines in the quests that branch out and give decent rewards to make quests worthwhile.
    Each class has different branches/specializations (Like warriors -> DK -> Paladin -> Hero) - This can allow diverse builds - And make too many skills that you can't max them all to allow different builds
    Give each class their own little thingy that sets them apart - Haste, Flash Jump, etc. etc.
    Lots of things to do - Not just training, talking to people, add some games
    && Definitely liked the idea with the personal homes
    More in depth guild system - Allow raid support/planning, etc. more than 100 slots :3
    3 pineappleing D
    Full support for buddies - not just have them on a list, say their location, what level, what they are doing, AFK or not, how long, etc. not this pomegranate maple has
    Bosses require co-operation instead of becoming a sandbag for DPS
    Crafting - SUPER in depth, can craft many things, recipes required for specific things, but not everything - Every etc. drop has some purpose
    Cool armor that doesn't look retarded.

    Cant think of anything else off the top of my head.

  6. Default Re: What would be your ideal MMOG?

    My ideal MMO would be whatever is in this MMO

  7. Default Re: What would be your ideal MMOG?

    It's funny because blade and soul is going to be managed by the same company. Although I prefer martial art's mechanic's b&S offers, but you can see the similarities.

  8. Default Re: What would be your ideal MMOG?

    Single player. Completely serious. I love SPMMO-style games like FFXII/Xenoblade/Rogue Galaxy, and I think a super advanced version of that where I could organize raids entirely of myself, grind for thousands of hours on the postgame (which none of the three games I mentioned really have; Xenoblade has a TON of quests but not what I would call an "endgame"), and spend months trying to make perfect gear. Kind of like Xenoblade meets Disgaea.

    As for game features...NO RNG IN EQUIPMENT ENHANCING. I would be willing to pay 100x upgrade prices or even more for high end upgrades if they were 100% success. TERA has a great battle system, and I really like the glyph system too. Also, pets. I want a pet loli voiced by Toyosaki Aki or someone similarly adorable-voiced, like AIKA gives you! Bonus points if they can give you pet specific buffs, loot stuff, and interact during battle; again, like AIKA. Open world is great. Also, while I don't particularly like the game itself, GW2's dynamic event questing idea is awesome. Tweak that a bit and put it in a game and suddenly, endless hours of questing just from roaming around and exploring the huge world. TERA has that to some extent, BUT ONLY IN THE 58-60 AREAS, and it's not dynamic at all, it's always the same spots for the quests. First playthrough it was pretty awesome though, suddenly getting inducted into a massive tower assault just for walking past an area. I agree with above that there should be no training area; endgame areas should all be equally viable and numerous, so you won't get bored of grinding, you literally have hundreds of places to go to kill stuff mindlessly. Also, that crafting should be worthwhile; often, crafted gear is WEAKER than rare boss drops, why the hell would they do that. TERA has a good idea executed poorly, with that; the top tier stuff is all crafted, BUT it takes too long to grind the materials, it's like, 500+ of items that are rare drops, that's silly. Can't remember what games do it but I know some do; the more times you use a skill, the stronger they get. Oh, Mabinogi does that I think. I kind of that that was cool, but it needs to be tweaked a bit, sort of a cross between that system and Disgaea's, where the skill can be endlessly grinded to get better and better, no cap. Might be prone to botting, but it's single player, what are they gonna do, flaunt their screenshots to people that don't give a pineapple?

  9. Default Re: What would be your ideal MMOG?

    More than anything, I'd enjoy an MMO that has been implemented to prevent it from becoming a business.

    Make it so that everything put into the game has value and cannot be "pick and choose"'d down to the most efficient path. You could choose to explore areas at your own pace, and while actions you take would have an effect on the world; reactions within the world would not eliminate overlooked prior exploration opportunities.

    PVP would not be in my ideal game.

    I simply wish to experience that short time early on in a game's lifespan where players are equally immersed and willing to share and inform others. If they can't use something, handing it over to a passerby who can rather than hoarding it for resale. I'm not sure what kind of system could be developed to foster this behavior, but it is my greatest regret as I go back to older games to find their early towns overrun by merchants.

    If they could manage that, I'd take almost any genre that doesn't naturally require PVP.

  10. Default Re: What would be your ideal MMOG?

    DFO pretty much has it all for me. Could use a little more lategame content other than c2/c3/train/reshpon, but I find running through dungeons fun as all get out, even when getting my ass kicked.

    The fact that my guild is bro-tier as fuc'k probably helps a little as well.

  11. Default Re: What would be your ideal MMOG?

    Thats pretty hard since at most there would be several efficient paths but it wont be without the "most efficcient path" thing since unless the game changes way too fast people are going to notice them and tell others.

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    Default Re: What would be your ideal MMOG?

    obviously a good storyline, that gets you to fight challenging bosses, but as for how the character playability is/should be, my best way of describing it would be "like devil may cry 4" dragon nest's battle system is a good example, B&S looks like this too, have bosses that put a challenge on the whole party. and that require SKILL to beat, rather than spam, with interactive rooms (for example, a spider boss that you have to fight on the ceiling and walls, and having to manage your controller while fighting)

    inventive stuff

    skillbuilding, as said, that there's not "one set path", in fact, have certain paths excel supportively at certain dungeons for every class. each dungeon offering balanced rewards in comparison to the others

  13. Default Re: What would be your ideal MMOG?

    Definitely story as a main focus, However not too much required quests.. i'm looking at you Dragonica! But lot's of separate chain quests with engaging and relatable storylines. Similar to Phantom/Mercedes storylines, I loved those.

    As for combat, I HATE POINT AND CLICK. lots of skills and combinations.. Not sure about restrictive skills I always hated those especially when you have cooldowns which I find important to force players to use a degree of thought into training/battling, not a spamfest of your strongest skill.

    PVP, should have more to it then deathmatches, It isnt CoD.. however a similar style to LoL would be more suited to an MMORPG.

    Crafting and customisation. I like maple's crafting system however I think that they should be more variables on the finishing stats of an item. For example, instead of craft level determining the %success of forging, have it increase the chance of bonus stats with a 1% chance of perfect stats. But unlike maple leveling your profession should take a few weeks effort at least making crafted items much more desirable when it comes to selling. Crafted items should also be customisable to make unique.

    Moving on to the next part, Economy. Money should be hard to obtain, make potions craftable from monster drops alone with money only available from bounty hunting, quests and of course trading. The trading system should include some form of auction house. I feel having a low amount of currency in the game would reduce effects of botting,

    Training, Should be mostly quest based with instanced dungeons and boss battle raids.

    And lastly, Real world influence, (i.e Cash shop) I feel a good game will have a low influence from cash shop, like maplestory had before potential system. The cash shop should mostly offer decorative items, with FEW gameplay enhancing options. Things like items to skip advancement quests.

    That's all i can think of for the time being.

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    Default Re: What would be your ideal MMOG?

    actually, i feel the need to point out tat the harder it is for the average player to get money, the easier it is for meso sellers to sell, because the money they have has greater value.

    cash shop related, having it aesthetically, or to fix stuff or grant benefits that are available to everyone, using maple as an example, you can very well have 2 accounts, one for storage and another for playing, but it's a lot easier to simply buy some use slots and carry all with you, this kinda stuff is fine imo.

  15. Default Re: What would be your ideal MMOG?

    If money isn't obtainable via monster loot, It kills a main source for farmers.. but obviously whenever there's a way to obtain money there's a way to exploit/farm. But perhaps if it was actually policed properly we wouldn't have the gold farming problems. Various games ban often only using logs from suspicious trades.

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    Level: 152
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    Default Re: What would be your ideal MMOG?

    yea, it's just that it's not so simple :X for example, dunno if you've seen dragon nest, but in that game the bots go through instanced dungeons, collect the etc items, and then put them in the market for sale, and that's how they get the gold, so yea, botters have to literally be cherrypicked ._. or you gotta have one heckuva system for finding them

  17. Default Re: What would be your ideal MMOG?

    Well, No matter how many gaps you fill they`ll always be some left open. But if players are banned for buying gold, players won't take the risk. Make trading only available after a certain level. So you can't make mule accounts. Could do this all day, but a game's security is useless without a human element.

  18. Default Re: What would be your ideal MMOG?

    The problem is, how do you indefinitely prove that? Most times it can be really obvious, but it just cause players to buy lower amounts so it doesn't look as obvious. It's really hard to derail that factor and asking way to much to micromanage every character to find that. Although getting rid of the obvious ones would certaintly help.


    As for my perfect MMO, I would never quit a game that had interaction that didn't involve killing eachother. PVP to me, is just a heart-attack waiting to happen. Games with competitive natures that involve killing eachother ALWAYS end up with massive idiot elitists, who just have more time than you, nothing more nothing less.

    1-Graphic's. I like fluid animations, I don't care if they're as cartoonish as maplestory, they just have to be consistant and fluid. I played blade and soul, their graphics blew my mind, it was vibrant, it was colorful, it was bright, it was elegant, and I only got to see maybe 3 land masses. It was flat out gorgeous.

    2- Gear. No chance scrolling, reasonable finding of scrolls and reasonable stat increases. I don't want my end game content being trying to create the perfect gear. I want the upgrades to make difference outside of numbers, I want evasion, other skill's, base "traits" you can accomplish. I don't like the whole "New boss, get new tier gear" formula.

    3) Mini-games, I would love like board games/drawing games, that's one thing I really liked about maplestory is that you could play other things online that are simple and engaging with other players.

    4) Bosses with no fake difficulty to prolong their life. I want bosses who actually have a method of combat, not just sandbagging or having invulnerable frames. I want rewards that benefit the character, but not in the fashion of increasing dps 400%, but add a trait to the character. Bigger bosses drop simply a weapon based on the characters who killed it, I don't think outfits are necessary. Mix the cosmetic with attack gear. Seriously, some of the outfits are ridiculous but provide great stats. Blade and soul is doing this with enchantment chakra sphere things. I really liked this concept and gives more to your character.

    5) A compelling story that makes your missions worthy. Adding a "She's sick" is stupid. I want adventure to the god's, live fantasies of tall tales, make me want to do the next quest for more than experience, add relevance to that and my character.

    6) A quest search function. Not searching for quests but searching within quests as well. Like I wanted a specific quest that I missed and would benefit me. Allow me to search through the quest titles so I know where to go to accomplish it.

  19. Default Re: What would be your ideal MMOG?

    Well as I have said already, There's always a hole.. I suppose you could track anyone who traded currency with the suspected "goldseller" abdind anyone on that IP.. Moving back to topic, Any MMORPG that could work out how to obliterate gold farmers and not have a community dependant on hacks (i.e. maple) would be on it's way to being "perfect"



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