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  1. Cash5 KMST~1.2.438 Luminous Selection :Darkness or Light

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    Default Re: KMST~1.2.438 Luminous Selection :Darkness or Light

    he went fishing with the little kid... that part was so happy... I would not be able to choose the dark side... even if the result storywise doesnt change much

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    Can you tell us more on the light/dark decisions?

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    lol~~i can not find another better video,sorry.

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    i assume its the main skills you get in your skill window ? oh my, apparently luminous used to be an all-light mage but was contaminated with the black mages dark magic.

    Aran and phantom not with evan and mercedes makes me sad. they shouldve stuck together while facing the black mage. And poor demon slayer.

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    I didn't quite understand the specifics of the story prior to him being found by the girl, aside from the overall LUMINOUS GOES TO SAVE THE HEROES plot, but after that it was pretty clear. It's just...damn. I wasn't expecting him to go nuts and kill her. That's terrible.


    Is there any info yet on what the effects of choosing the dark side are? Because...that laugh...

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    So it looks like:
    Luminous goes to save the Heroes from the Black Mage and gets cursed. I guess some of the Black Mage's power rubs off on him in the process? Gets found by a little girl whom he eventually befriends. Then one day he suddenly goes batpomegranate and kills her because of said rubbed off powers?

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    Hmm well here's another video. But I chose light this time~

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    Thatís the best hero intro they have done yet. I really like the idea of picking a path changes the story. I wonder how much it changes or if itís more trivial.

    I would pick darkness though just for that evil laugh at the end.

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    hmm so luminous was originally pure light class? till he fought the blackmage and seal him but in the end
    the blackmage manage to curse him ... but during the curse period luminous has a diff side offect instead being full curse
    he absorb some of his power and infuse with it and that how he gain his new power ... the power of light and dark ?
    correct me if im wrong

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    It is probably just wishful thinking, but I guess nobody wants to translate the dialogue so we know what's actually going on?

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    Yeah, we're definitely going to need a translation.

    Because I'm having a hard time understanding how the hell they sealed the Black Mage away when Aran was injured, Mercedes was out of commission, and Phantom was nowhere to be found.

    I'm guessing there's an animated cutscene that isn't implemented on the test server somewhere inbetween. I find it hard to believe that they'd bother to give Demon Slayer an animated cutscene for each gender, and give Phantom two of them, and not give Luminous, who has the most important tutorial of the heroes any.

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    Someone clarify this to me: if you choose either white or dark side, you can only use skills for that side? Was it changed from what it originally was, using both?

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    You can still use both, but your first job main attacking skill will differ based on your choice. ((Also you enhancement skill.))

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    These kind of connections always get the best of me. I'd probably go Light side just cause I wouldn't be able to just leave the girl like that.

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    @Spadow; maybe spadow can help ? :D

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    Thanks for the info... so Ill made 2 Luminous to test this... one with light (main one) and another with dark

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    Long wall of text incoming.

    Luminous arrives at the entrance the Temple of Time. He says the sky matches the atmosphere and that it's good weather on this last day.
    Phantom shows up late and says it's a bad habit to wait on a rainy day. In response, Luminous says he is late and wonders why he can't steal time if he's the world's best mysterious thief. The two of them don't have a good relationship with each other and argue on spot.

    Phantom says he'll meet up with Freud, but you don't actually see Phantom in the room of the Black Mage.
    After Phantom disappears, Luminous sees Guwar, he is a Great Spirit who serves as a commander for the Black Mage.

    Guwar tells Luminous that his power of light is like warm sunshine to the spirits. He is sad because he has to kill Luminous now.
    However, while he's telling his last lines to Luminous, he fails to kill him because he gets killed by a surprise attack from Magnus.
    Magnus is also a commander of the Black Mage.

    Magnus absorbs the power Guwar, probably to become stronger. He then 'plays' with Luminous in a battle, but the attacks of Luminous doesn't affect Magnus at all. In fact, he guards them all through a barrier. Before he disappears he tells Luminous that he is done with 'this world'.

    (Later when you're doing story quests of Luminous, you will find a green Guwar in Ellin Forest.
    He has been resurrected, becaus he cannot really die since he is a spirit. After he got killed and betrayed by Magnus, he lost all his desires and retired.)

    After Luminous sees Magnus going off, he enters the Temple of Time in search of the Black Mage and his other fellow companions. While he walks through the corridor of the Temple of Time, he encounters a few henchman of the Black Mage. After defeating the henchmen with the Spectral Light skill, he sees that Aran is under attack by henchmen of the Black Mage, though while injured, she manages to defeat them.
    Luminous goes to Aran and asks where Freud and Mercedes are and what happened to Aran's injury. In response, she says that the other two companions might be possibly fighting the Black Mage further down the road and that's she late because of the injury.
    He asks if she's ready to go with him to face the Black Mage but Aran surprisingly asks if he's caring about her, and says he should quickly meet with Freud and Mercedes to help them and leave everything to her.

    So, he goes off and sees the big door which is already opened and thinks Freud and Mercedes have already entered the room, hoping he's not too late.
    The dark energy coming from the door is very strong, realizing the strong power of the Black Mage.
    He finally sees the Black Mage and an unconscious Mercedes lying next to a weakened Freud.
    Freud is glad he arrived. Luminous asks what happened to Mercedes. Mercedes was fighting the Black Mage, but his power was so strong that he left her unconscious. Since Freud and Afrien did a research about the seal for a long time, he tells Luminous about it.

    The seal uses the power of time that the Black Mage stole from Rhinne, the Goddes of Time. Because of this, the Black Mage cannot escape the seal no matter how powerful he is.
    While Luminous wasn't here, Freud and Mercedes were already battling the Black Mage. Freud, however, set up the five seals while the Black Mage was fighting with Mercedes doing this job unnoticed. He and Mercedes failed to finish the job in time. He tells Luminous that he is his last hope to win this battle.

    Luminous asks Freud what to do. Freud tells Luminous that he needs to finish the job by activating the five seals that Freud set up earlier.
    To do this, Freud borrows Rhinne's power to stop the time so that Luminous can finish the job without the Black Mage knowing about it.
    While the time is stopped for a moment, Luminous quickly activate the seals by using his Light Blink skill. The time goes back to normal when all the five seals are activated. In order to make the seal effective, all what is left right now is for the Black Mage to use the power of time. Freud believes that Luminous can make this happen by using his power of light.

    The Black Mage responds with the following message: ''The game is now over. It is time to say goodbye.''
    Luminous says to Freud that he doesn't have to worry and that it ends right now.

    (Click CC to enable the subtitles)

    Then the animation movie starts. You will see Luminous battling the Black Mage. In the movie you see Luminous using Spectral Light and the Black Mage using the Apocalypse skill. Since the Black Mage uses his power of time, the seal is now successfully effective and the Black Mage is now sealed by a blue dome which acts as a barrier.
    The Black Mage is furious and tries to break the seal but is unable to. Luminous runs towards the Black Mage to stop him from breaking the seal. In the process of doing so, the Black Mage manages to give the Light Mage some of its devastating dark energy.
    The right eye of Luminous turns red because of this and he has yet to discover what this means.
    After the animation video ends, a last quote of the Black Mage appears on the screen saying: ''Don't forget. The darkness inside of you will swallow you up.''

    Next thing we see is Luminous lying on the ground in Ellinia near Lania's house. Not knowing where he is, he is awakened by a girl named Lania.
    Lania is a girl who lives on her own with her cat Penny. Lania tells Luminous about Black Mage and the legendary five heroes. She takes care of Luminous.

    Luminous and Lania can get along with each other. They seem to bond with each other and on one day after a few years, they've grown up, except for Luminous.
    Lania asks Luminous to do some chores and go outside to say goodbye. Lania remarks that the weather is quite nice today and says they should have a picnic soon.
    But something happens to Luminous when they say goodbye. Dark energy is all over Luminous. He screams to Lania that she should get away from him as soon as possible.

    However it's too late. The dark energy becomes bigger and takes over the body of Luminous. After he snaps out of his dark side, he doesn't realize what he has done. He sees the burned trees, the burned house, and hurt Lania who's lying on the ground unconscious.
    When the dark energy took over his body, he couldn't control it and destroyed pretty much anything in his path.
    Shocked to see this, he now discovers the meaning of the words that the Black Mage left him. He asks why it has to happen right now. And even asks himself if the seal has been released from the Black Mage. He doesn't know what to do, he has to choose... Join the path of Light or the path of Darkness?
    Joining the path of Light will restore everything and save Lania, but if he chooses the path of Darkness then he doesn't care. He cares about getting his dark powers stronger.

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    Default Re: KMST~1.2.438 Luminous Selection :Darkness or Light

    So Freud did 2/3 of the job of sealing him, while Mercedes made a distraction, Aran and Phantom fighting simple henchman/commanders, and Luminous activated the seal since he was the last one to get there and stopped the Black Mage from saving himself?

    I'm a bit sad over the fact that they didn't fought together... Still better than I thought it would really be.

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    << Flooded thread is flooded.
    I put this up 2 days ago?



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