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  1. Cash7 How are you really "graded"...

    When you get a good/bad grade, you usually have points marked off for actual questions marked incorrectly, or whether you do your work (at least try).

    Before we start - This was a pomegranatety year for me. Somehow got into AP classes next year though o_O'

    Well, this year I was a lazy bum playing GMS all day and I let my math grade (specifically) slip. So I wasn't very good at tests... I didn't really do much of the homework at all besides that in which we did in class, and I checked my grades and I had a 27% in the class (lolwut).

    So I made up all three tests, got a decent grade. (Even though when we make up tests, it only counts as 70%) I got 9% for each test I made up, and I believe I made up 3 or something, and I was at a 59%. (wtp?) Realized I was mentally ill and did my homework for the final two packets of they year (which at the time we were just beginning the 1st one) and that got me to like 66% and I got a B on the chapter 12 (final chapter) test, which got me to 69% (youfkinserious). I spent an entire day doing one of the 35 point packets that I was too lazy to do earlier in the year, and turned that in the very last day of school. Somehow ended up with 76%.

    Bad Story #2~
    Biology class. The one class I actually DIDN'T understand. It's not like I didn't do the work, the class was just a pain in the arse. I had a B in the class for the most part of the entire year, and it was the end of the year and I knew I didn't do well on the previous tests and such, so I checked my grades. 68%... alright, almost passing. I do one bloody assignment I'm up to a 77%. Turned another in and I had an 83%.

    So this got me thinking... how are you really "graded" by your teachers? I mean, I actually didn't know the material and probably should have failed Biology... but yet I got from 68 to 83% from 2 papers. I'm not saying here that I should have "failed" because I don't want to fail.

    At our school, we have this system called "essential skills" (in every class) which makes you prove that you know what you learned. I always passed them 100% in Math and got alright marks in Biology, yet I still didn't do well at first yet I somehow pulled myself up from less than 30% in math to passing.

    Is the system broken? Should that even be a possiblity? I mean... I know schools have pretty lenient policies on late work... but really. If I was my math teacher, I would have said "you're so screwed you can't pass" and just... not even let the kid pass because of his own stupid mistakes. I'm not saying I should have got better or worse grades or anything, but the whole thing seems kind of odd to me... How are you guys graded? In all classes your in (Elementary? Middle? High School? College/University?) I know colleges don't take late work but... wow.

    Somehow, I managed to get in AP World History, and advanced Language Arts. Gonna be a jolly old year. Let's not repeat the last o-o

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    see this thread in a year.


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    Public schools are designed to not let kids fail?

    I don't see what you're getting at here at all, but I don't think you grasp No Child Left Behind?????

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    At higher levels of schooling, grading on working shouldn't be very important. We've been doing the same kind of thing for so long and having to constantly work out everything on paper when it's obvious what the answer is is just tedious and time wasting. Working should only be important for advanced computations and such.

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    It doesn't matter, grades are irrelevant in life unless you need a scholarship.
    Can't find the thread were this was posted...

    Anyway, education sucks. Be it school or university, they both suck. Learn to live with education systems, find intrinsic value in studying and life will suck less.
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    Yes, the education system is a bit behind the times these days; and yes it is broken in ways that can be fixed.

    As it stands now, all it is is a process for learning how to work the system. The content given is irrelevant as long as you know how to take tests and complete tasks on a regular basis. And that is not the best way for everyone to learn.

    I know it hasn't worked well for me anyway. I always got fine grades; but ask me about the content of them a year later and I'd have no idea.

    It doesn't necessarily stop when you get to college either. I've had very understanding professors who were willing to take late assignments all the time. While I appreciate it, I also feel that they should have been more strict on content of lesser consequence.

    ... And then when things actually started getting hectic for me, my professor somehow managed to get me benefits of disability for ADHD which I had never used (or knew I could use) up to that point to get me out of it. I suppose you could say I've been lucky, but I also feel as though I've gotten through the whole thing without preparing for life in the least.

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    What kind of school did you go to? They let you make up tree tests? For the biology it could just be the assignments carried more weight then say a test or whatever else you were doing in the class.

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    I read somewhere that we are like number 490something public high school in the nation. And yeah, for math, they let me make up the 8, 9, (10 I passed lolwut) and 11 test. They make you do so in order to get your "demo", which is a summarization of the entire school year in Algebra. Somehow completed that and the entire verbal interview in 2 days on the last week of school.



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