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  1. Default Continent of the Ninth Seal (MMORPG)

    So I've been mmorpg hunting for a while and this game seems a bit promising. It reminds me of Vindictus/Dragon Nest and it's in Open Beta right now.

    I'm currently playing it with some friends from MS/Spirit Tales but we'd like to see if we can get people to play and chill on Raidcall with us. Anyone else want to give it a shot?
    My IGN there is Noxeus.
    Let me know if you want to join my clan too (Cascade). ^^

    We'll probably be trying out Raiderz and Blade&Soul when those come out too. *__*
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    Default Re: Continent of the Ninth Seal (MMORPG)

    Aww crap, this game has a scythe.

  3. Default Re: Continent of the Ninth Seal (MMORPG)

    Reaperess? I'm waiting for that and Bladedancer to come out. >:



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