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  1. Basic1 KMS Update Failure~

    hi ,i was updating kms ver 1.2.164 yesterday,

    but my internet connection suddenly broken,so the auto update was closed .

    let me sad is i can not update anymore.

    i use win7 operation system.

    it said the program can not run.

    i am afraid to re install the game again.

    because it is large files and waste me a lot of time.

    anyone know how to fix the bug?

  2. Default Re: KMS Update Failure~

    hmm in GMS whenever my update breaks the maplestory folder creates weird files like

    jsaodi^%&)% folder
    djasdas!@# folder
    asd213891ad folder

    those are temp update files created during a patch
    delete them and reapply ur update



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