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  1. Default Rage of Bahamut (Android/IOS)

    Rage of Bahamut is not a PC game, but is played on a Phone or Tablet. It is really big in Japan and is hitting the world by storm. If you want to join with benefits or even just for Fellows or just to try it with us that have played you could just come leave your name here.
    If you haven't played before you could download the game and enter the code djj46639 at the end of the tutorial to get some stuff. Play from your Android or IOS Devices and enter that referral code to have some good items to start off with and scale when you level to certain levels. I'm not just here to spam my referral code or anything, I'm really interested to see if anyone here has actually played this before and if not join and play with me so we can do some trades together and get better stuff together.

    If you want to add me as a fellow leave a message here as my list is always full.

    My ID in the game is DeorDeroKun. If you want to trade or anything tell me here then ill add you as a fellow.

    Info cause it would be nice to have:

    The game is a card game and you pick between three realms: God, Man, Demon. These three realms give power to their respected cards and any cards you have of those realms resonate with each other. God Being Strong against Demon, Man being strong against God, and Demon being strong against Man. But there can be a point where they can even cancel each other out. The game is also very skill based depending on the cards you have. Cards with more effects can change your battle. And strong Orders that can boost your cards can help you in battle as well.

    Holy Wars are a big part of this game as well as Event Bosses that can give you amazing tiered cards. (Card ranking is as follows:
    • Normal
    • High Normal
    • Rare
    • High Rare
    • S Rare
    • SS Rare
    • Legendary Rare
    And as you can tell It's a very big list. I don't even own a SS rare yet. I have seen a Legendary Rare such as a Maxed Gawain which is incredibly strong and one of the strongest cards period. The game is based on evolving cards and strengthening them. With these you can fight others for treasures to make you stronger and your Order stronger. And with constant pvping you can even earn rewards like Legendary CP Tickets that help you claim cards like Gawain.
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    Default Re: Rage of Bahamut (Android/IOS)

    How good is it? I mean can you input a little review by you ? I mean from your experience by playing that game?
    The MS game left me with a really bad taste...



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