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    Well a friend of my messed up his DBG, he forgot to use white scroll while using a pink 50% w.att scroll and now he obviously want that slot back. Can he then buy a pam song to get it back or is that impossible since he didnt buy the pam song before scrolling?

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    Not possible at this point. You need to have the Pam's Song in your inventory before you scroll it. If it fails, You will get a prompt to see if you'd like to reset it.

    Best they can do at this point is farm Renegade's coins and 10% clean slate it, since those dont have any chance of exploding it.

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    Too late.
    The Pam's Song has to be in your inventory when you scroll, to be able to recover the slot.

    What your friend needs now is Clean Slate scrolls (plural because they don't always work. Make sure to get the ones that do not have a chance to destroy the item when they fail). Fortunately they are available in the Renegades coin shop right now.

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    Aw thats lame, gonna give him the bad news :(. Thx for reply.

    Edit: believe it or not, he worked his first 10% clean slate scroll and got the slot back.
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