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  1. Default New CashShop Update

    Haven't seen it in the announcement section.
    Permanent meso and item pouch for 3.9 (and not limited amount!!)

    AP reset scroll for 14.8, guess whe know who will start drooling....

  2. Default Re: New CashShop Update

    @Eos probably disabled Notify after it went a little crazy last week.

  3. Default Re: New CashShop Update

    those cubes are like super miracle cubes buffed...

  4. Default Re: New CashShop Update

    Permanent gem buff, attractive cubes... more perma equips...


  5. Default Re: New CashShop Update

    Nope, Another new board ID.

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    Default Re: New CashShop Update

    Those new cubes seem to take the features of all the other cubes, put them into one cube and then sell it for CHEAPER.

    Is Nexon on drugs? i don't care, i like this.

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