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  1. Default hello, i restarted my 144 NL after revamp

    i am getting around 10~12b mesos from other chars. i have 12 % luk earrings and thats about it. i recubed everything when i made a Merc. any ideas on what i should do to get the highest range with the money i am getting? btw~ i can equip Empress. and i have QT 30. Thanks in advance~

  2. Default Re: hello, i restarted my 144 NL after revamp

    38 Atk vss cube it 20 Atk eating cube it go perfect an empress claw cube it get 15% zak helm or empress and get 15% top bottom - only pirate top and bottom because it's sexy. Get perm pendant slot and get an egged CHTP and pot it

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    Default Re: hello, i restarted my 144 NL after revamp

    Depends if you want to be "legit" or not.

    (Don't use this as an excuse to start a discussion on legitness please).

  4. Default Re: hello, i restarted my 144 NL after revamp

    Don't you get better results out of legit stuff anyway? I mean it'll obviously take a lot of cubing and isn't anywhere as cheap as picking up old MTS dupes floating around, but really the only one of those dupes I can think of that isn't outclassed by well cubed equipment are those golden emerald earrings, just because you don't lose out on a potential tier or a set bonus by using them.

    On topic: I'd buy a full empress set with weapon since you can get the whole thief set including weapon for about two billion. One of the big pluses with that for me is that if you get hacked, hackers can't take your stuff without using PSoKs, which obviously won't happen, meaning you'll keep your stuff unless the hacker is enough of a jerk to throw away your equipment to spite you. From there, I would work on perfect scrolling the claw and gloves and use any leftovers on cubing.



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