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  1. Basic0 [GAZED] Kryptonite Is Recruiting!

    With GAZED world alliance and Guild Alliance on the horizon. At Kryptonite, we feel it's only right to introduce ourselves!

    About us.

    Kryptonite is one of Demethos' most established guilds. Though it was only created just over one year ago we have been growing rapidly! and should only grow even more with the GAZED alliance. We are now active enough to boss in dead worlds such as demethos. And friendly enough for most of our members to avoid "guild hopping"


    Though we might be active we do now have limited amount of slots available for anyone looking for a guild within GAZED worlds.

    But first. You need meet some very minor requirements.

    1. Legitimacy - One of our "Golden Rules" is to be "legit". We are aware everyone does have a different meaning of the term "legit" But ours forbids; all forms of hacking/botting(this includes leeching from hackers), scamming and KSing(unless In defence/very good reason)
    2. Level Requirement - For now the requirement is 100. However exceptions can be made.
    3. Personality - We are looking for relatively polite members who treat other players with respect regardless of their level/age. We ask for a small degree of maturity, everyone likes to have fun it is a game after all but you should be mature enough to know when you have gone too far.


    Assuming you have met our minor requirements to join please either;

    Comment below
    PM me or @EmoSmile
    or contact any of the below players in game.

    foxino, emosmile, wishforhs, eroticemo, zenbezarius, sammapr, merc3d3s
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