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Thread: [MTS] [GAZED] Gazed

  1. Red face [GAZED] Gazed

    gazed (v.): to look steadily and intently, esp. in admiration, surprise, or thought
    guild website:

    Salutations and whatnot, and thank you for entering this thread! I'm current recruiting for Gazed in the GAZED alliance, which will be created July 9th, 2012 (AKA the day Phantoms are released).

    Just what kind of guild is this going to be, you ask?
    ÖI actually donít know yet. Iím hoping for family-oriented bossing, but who knows at this point? Itís my first time being a guild leader so Iím kind of playing this by ear. ^_^;

    At the moment I am planning this to be an all-Phantom guild. However, I also plan to make the guild open to all classes two weeks after the guild opens-- that is, July 23. Why not open the guild to all classes now? Well, a) I need time to prepare for them and b) everyoneís playing a Phantom so no oneís going to be logging onto their main anyways. I will run a vote on July 22 asking whether or not we wish to stay Phantom-exclusive or not. A 60%+ majority wins, otherwise, weíre opening to all classes.

    No applications anymore, just post if interested.

    Why join?
    -You get to be a part of an all-Phantom guild (although temporarily)
    - I plan to host many guild events!
    - Everyone's starting off at a low level, which means we all get to PQ and LHC together!

    Expectations for prospective members
    1. Respect every person in AND out of the guild.
    2. No hacking or scamming allowed. If I see you doing any of these, I will kick you.
    3. Do your best with good spelling and grammar.
    4. Be active. (Log on once a week, unless noted that you're going to be on break)

    - Joyce (Afflair)

    EDIT: God, okay, yes, I'm serious. Please take me seriously.
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  2. Default Re: [GAZED] Gazed

    Seeing this makes me wish I was on those servers. The slimy bastards who say you need to go outside more are stupid.

    I wish I was in Gazed. By the way, you know if you go on every server right after the patch since all the guild names will have a _G or w/e at the end of them, if you make a guild of Galicia, Arcania, Zenith, El Nido, Demethos on Every single server on random mule characters you can leave them in the guild hall and right after the patch, snag the names of each server!

    Would be cool but I doubt the guilds signed up for the alliance dont wanna switch names.

    That being said - I wish a guild this serious was in Khaini - All the guilds here are mostly hacker/kser guilds and people who are hating of everyone outside their close nit group.

  3. Default Re: [GAZED] Gazed

    Thank you for everything you just said. I've received quite a bit of hate mail just now, and it hurt incredibly to read.

  4. Default Re: [GAZED] Gazed

    In fact I think I'll start up a main on these servers! Which one do you recommend? I'm guessing your on Galicia? The merge will make it null and void but still. :P I like to rep'

  5. Default Re: [GAZED] Gazed

    My home server is Galicia, but like you said it doesn't really matter since we're merging tomorrow. Take whichever you have the most slots in.

  6. Default Re: [GAZED] Gazed

    Server application doesnt allow me to type enough characters, mind if I PM you?

  7. Default Re: [GAZED] Gazed

    ^_~ Should be enough, but go ahead.

  8. Default Re: [GAZED] Gazed

    You would be surprised. :3

    Sent the PM!

  9. Default Re: [GAZED] Gazed

    This seems a bit of a harsh rule, Many maplers don't use english as their first language yet they do try hard and are easy to understand (most of the time) but their grammar is different in their own language. Since it is GLOBAL one would expect that others would respect this.

    Either way, good luck, Looking forward to seeing you all.

  10. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: SaptaZapta
    Server: Kradia
    Level: 275
    Job: Hero
    Guild: Matriarchy
    Alliance: Peaceful

    Default Re: [GAZED] Gazed

    One can easily tell the difference between a foreigner trying their best, and an American (or foreigner, for that matter) who just doesn't give a damn.

  11. Default Re: [GAZED] Gazed

    I know that, But the ruling did not imply trying their best as acceptable. That is why i brought it up.

  12. Default Re: [GAZED] Gazed

    Ah, well, then I should have been more specific.
    Of course you don't need impeccable grammar if you're trying your best. I just said "good", and not "perfect", after all. :)

  13. Default Re: [GAZED] Gazed

    I didn't see anything wrong with this, people are just jerks.
    I hope all goes well!

    hatas gon haet

  14. Default Re: [GAZED] Gazed

    I'll consider joining when I make mine. I'll leave a message after I get finished PQing for the day. My IGN will be EmmaSpettri.

  15. Default Re: [GAZED] Gazed

    Interested in joining, Phantom's name will be InsightStaff.

  16. Default Re: [GAZED] Gazed

    Hell, why not. I was gonna make my Phantom on Windia... but to be honest, I couldn't care for Windia anymore.

    My name will be Zaicil

  17. Default Re: [GAZED] Gazed

    Can I just join on my main..?

    Phantoms are lame.

  18. Default Re: [GAZED] Gazed

    After two weeks of Phantom release. :o
    Roster updated!

  19. Default Re: [GAZED] Gazed

    This seems pretty nifty, I'd like to join =]

    I'm pretty sure I'll be calling my Phantom LeadRaven.



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