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Thread: [KMST] KMS 1.2.164 - Prelude

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    Empress no longer require secondary stats now(Empress Pirate armor only has a level req), I'll confirm for that. Fame req on equips still exists though.

    We haven't gotten a free AP reset yet, nor does it say in the events. We did receive a full SP reset automatically however. Phantom's stolen skills got reset/cleared. Mine did at least, not sure about others.

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    Im starting to doubt theres going to be 5th job
    Then again, theres still a few more updates within Tempest

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    After Luminous comes out on the 12th, there's still 3 more patches over the course of a month. It's plenty of time for them to reveal Dragon Slayer, the 65xx pirate and 5th job. In fact, it's better that they're waiting. If they spoil it all at the beginning, there'll be less excitement for the content when it actually comes out. At least they're not totally blueballing KMS players like Nexon America did with Jett.

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    Well, I/L Mages get to max every skill they have at 200 and still have 17 SP leftover if things stay the way they are. Maybe they'll do something about that (not necessarily 5th job). I hope they will anyway.
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    There has to be something. Except for Marksmen, nobody has any use for 60 extra SP in 4th job.
    Combine that with their press conference hints about "a surprise for players at a still higher level" after talking about 4th job starting at level 100, and it's pretty much set.
    Might not be called "5th job". Might be some kind of "rebirth". Might let characters over level 180 learn some skills from other classes. Might just add skills to 4th job, although that sounds way less exciting than "5th job" while doing the same thing. Might increase the max level of some skills (god, I hope not). But they have to do something.

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    Well, If 5th job is coming it'll come with the new continent, because that's the only way they could introduce more power without making it sound crazy, the problem there is jobs like Aran, we learn everything from Maha, the only way possible to get something that Maha doesn't have is to make 5th job an upgrade of old Aran's skills, so Aran could get better than his past self. I expect this continent to be a lost one, something never explored because it was impossible in maple history until now.

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    Check your math. It's a lot more than that. With the level adjustments, 180 is the new 200. The total SP to max all 4th job skills for an I/L is 255. At lvl 200, you will have 243 points, which means you only need 4 levels more (12 SP) to max it all. You won't have 16 SP, you will have 48 SP leftover.

    If they let the existing builds for 4th job stay, then 180 would be the 5th job advancement. Everyone would thus keep the same 4th job build. 180-200 would be 60 SP total for 5th job (if they keep the lvl 200 cap). Fifth Job doesn't have to be a huge thing. 60 SP could give you 3 new 20 point skills which would be quite enough to make it fun.

    And to the poster above - The new continent would definitely be the place for 5th job. I foresee a requirement of lvl 180 before you can set foot on it. It could be a forgotten land of ancient power that even the Black Mage never knew existed. Hell, with Magnus being as he is, it could be a continent of dragon men like him. So many possibilities...

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    If 5th Job really releases,

    I wonder what the skills are...

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    I can bet Night Lords get Quituple throw...

    ...Or star hurricane. I'd love to have a trampoline skill though, to launch youself and your party upwards...

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    I can see it now, the new continent of Masteria! LV 50-60 theme dungeon.

    But seriously the new continent is what Iím most looking forward too. Just some place new to go, itís been a while. The higher level it is the better.

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    He right now each job will give 4 sp per level that mean... we going to get +100 more sp on 4th job xD that will be extra 150 sp for most job left over on4 th job that is about 5 more new skill if all of them at 30 point max on 5 th job

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    Too OP.

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    I didn't say all 4th job skills. I said every skill: everything from 1st to 4th job. And you get 4 SP at every advancement now. I did make a mistake, I wrote 16 instead of 17, but aside from that I'm pretty sure my math is fine.

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    If any class needs 5th job, it's Luminous. In 4th job, they max every skill and get 54 leftover SP.

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    So do the rest of us, but with less SP.
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    That's alot.

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    Just looked, and Demon Slayers max every skill and get 58 leftover. Either fifth job, or some kind of system to deal with the remaining SP like allowing you to use them in previous jobs or convert them into AP or something.



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