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Thread: [Magician] Luminous Skill Build

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    does it really necessary to get to lvl 200 with godly equips? im so poor, my equips suck. everything costs billions

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    I actually preferred Moonlight Spear for its multiple-level mobbing capabilities at roids. I liked it better than Spectral Ray even on flat maps such as Aliens too because having to focus my aim in one direction was a bit slow, whereas with moonlight spear I could simply teleport into a mob and immediately start casting. It was much faster and I could defend myself against ksers better (till I hit 100 and got Reflection, heh). Spectral Ray was only really useful for me during Monster Park. I play on GMS, though, so maybe training is different in other versions.

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    No, this char is designed to be good at grinding, like most other mages. You will be fine with just 30-40% int and some decent shining rod all the way to lvl 200.
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    If your hit/mob ratio is sufficiently good, Moonlight Spear is superior to Spectral Light in maps with multiple platforms because it is fast and low delay.

    One thing that few people knew about was that Moonlight Spear is the only move within Lumi's skillset (and also amongst all the skills out there) that can be continually spammed at Grey Vultures without losing hits due to mob knockback. Useful for those 200-odd vultures, but otherwise I've never used it since 4th-job.


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    Eh, just be sure that you can kill everything you're fighting in a reasonable amount of time. It's not like being able to solo zakum in under a minute will help you much during normal grind sessions so long as you're in a party (and the party isn't wearing level 10 equipment or something).

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    Asking this especially for anyone who knows/plays KMS version of lumi.....

    What's the difference between light and dark path besides the initial story-line/quest and 1st job skill? Which one is better in terms of bossing/in the long run? If one path is better than the other in this aspect, is the difference quite noticeable?

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    You mean... GMS version? Because KMS Lumi does not have a fixed side, you will always be switching around from Dark to Light and so on.

    Both are equally viable, with Light being slightly stronger for both purposes because Reflection is great for training and using Spectral Light gives you a little more DPS overall. But after Hypers, depending on your build and the situation, Dark can be equally viable. For Dimensional Invasion, you'd do better with Dark because the mobs are all at one location and it would give you about the same amount of hit/s so it's slightly better because of utility and survivability/MP consumption. For bossing... doesn't really matter anymore.

    What you really want for bossing is your burst of DPS during each Equilibrium period.


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    The difference is you leave the girl to die or you save her, if I recall correctly. The 1st job Dark skill is better for leveling by a significant margin. It means you don't have to use the 2nd job Dark to enter Equilibrium. Dark is technically better for bossing if you don't hit cap since it provides more overall damage, but the difference would not be noticeable in a long fight. It would be noticeable in fights where you only use Dark vs only Light. That being said, having Dark means your Light for training is weaker, leading to lower damage per Light Reflection and more difficulty reliably XHKOing with it if you're not really strong. Apocalypse never has this problem, IMO. If you somehow hit the 50m cap, Light is better since it's harder to hit the cap with Light Reflection than Apocalypse.

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    No, KMS. I'm playing MSEA.

    Hmm, is this also applicable to post-nerf lumi?

    I actually chose light, then someone mentioned that reflection doesn't play a big part in DPM (charge relatively faster) and 2/3 of the time, lumi will be using apocalypse and ender. I have always thought that the time spent during sunfire and eclipse would be equal, thus the overall DPM would be similar. Is my assumption wrong?

    I won't hit the 50m cap at all. It's not too late to switch for me if dark is really better. My lumi is only level 40+

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    If I recall correctly, you spend like 1~2% more time in Sunfire because Apocalypse and Morning Starfall charge out of Eclipse faster than Light Reflection gets out of Sunfire. I doubt the difference would be noticeable at a boss. It's like 60%/s 1v1 at best. The ideal of having Light is to be more balanced in training so your Light Reflection is strong enough to XHKO, and pre-Tempest, it was to help Light Reflection cap since it was harder to do than with Apocalypse.



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