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Thread: [Pirate] Jett Skill Build.

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    @Locked; Is brain scrambler actually beneficial to DPS? I can't see a reason for level 1 of it immediately at 120.

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    Just one of those 1 point wonders.

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    A note of thanks: My guy is 59 and I've been doing quite well with this guide! Perseverance heals pretty much all the damage I take during normal training and questing, so I'm starting to regret taking Alchemy on this character -- at least for now, I rarely use a potion. :P

    Oh BTW, "Static Thumper" is now known as "Shockwave" since a recent patch. I'm not sure exactly when it changed.

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    Probably because they have some issues separating Corsair, Buccaneer and Jett skills in general. They think they are fixing Sairs but jumble up Jett in the process.

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    Oh, then it will probably change back next patch.

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    Son of all Beaches all the 7+ Jett's I met in game and told me to leave Drone Blast in lvl 21. Drone Blast was the main reason I made a Jett...

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    It's neat, but you don't need to max it. You can always leave Turret at a lower level. 3rd job is nothing but Solar Array for most Jetts anyway.

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    Are you just playing to 120 to get the max link possible? Or are you playing forever? I don't think it really makes much a difference seeing as rushing stuff doesn't really make a difference anymore (i.e. everyone can kill pretty much anything in 1 hit and if you do need to rush, there's always a better person to do so). If you really like drone blast, you can make a buccaneer since they have the original version of the skill at 4th job

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    I already got a buccaneer, and no "Octopunch" looks ugly to me. The whole idea of summoning your super transform to aid your attacks seems stupid to me. I can't really explain why but Drone Blast looks totally awesome, maybe the fact of stabbing an enemy with 7 daggers + a lightning sword.
    I'm hoping when they revamp pirates, they give Jett's a reset scroll by mistake, on purpose or something.

    I kept debating myself about it. In fact I spent like 30 mins after getting to 120 deciding where to put my last 9 points, turret or blast. If you could summon more than one turret at a time, the skill would be way more usefull, but summoning one takes out the other one which sucks.

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    This build maxes Drone Blast because it has a higher hits/second than Rapid Fire.

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    I always liked the idea of thinking about it as a transfiguration as the result of your energy manifesting into the attack.

    Jett's is pretty cool, it's a shame random jetts don't know anything about hits per second and decide not to max it.

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    If it was your character turning into SuperTransform only during the attack it would be much different, but summoning a random ghost without any explaniation to it is what bothers me the most.

    To be honest, I liked more the idea of summoning your Father's spirit from DragonWarrior to Octopunch, it has a sentimental touch+ makes some sense.

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    It could be portrayed better i agree.

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    I got a question, does RapidFire ever become better than Drone Blast after putting points into it?

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    Would assume around lvl 10 to 20. The only time I could see drone blast being better than rapid fire (if rapid fire is maxed) is when you hit dmg cap with both of them. But personally I think rapid fire is more safe, especially cause its ranged and drone blast have low attack range.

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    The way its mentioned here seems to say its better in the long run even over lvl 30 rapid fire. Someone confirm plz.

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    Rapid Fire is better than level 30 Drone Blast at level 1 by about 237.7% per second. Drone Blast is better than level 30 Rapid Fire when the player can hit around the cap with it.

    From the very basic calculations of only the skills, not counting other variables like crits or defense ignore:

    Level 30 Drone Blast: 1779.2% per second.

    Level 1 Rapid Fire: 2016.9% per second.

    Level 30 Rapid Fire: 2739% per second.
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