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    First off, sorry if this doesn't belong here! I was debating between this section and some others to post it and was pretty indecisive about it in the end. I'm also new to Maplestory (I played a bit in 2005 but that's it) and Southperry, so forgive me if I'm being dumb about something considered obvious. Only 8x ish right now. I do have experience with Nexon as a company, though.

    I've been thinking about charging some NX to buy some cash shop items, most notably some of the permanent event items that are out right now. But the problem is that I hear people talk about getting hacked left and right whenever I browse through Maple fansites or the official forums. This, of course, has made me think twice about spending... it seems like most of the Maple population has been hacked at least once, and I almost feel like it's inevitable that I'll experience it sometime soon, too. >:

    Anyways, my question is, how often would you say people get hacked in this game? I'm a soloer (I really only play with my boyfriend) and never really communicate with anyone ingame. Would this help minimize my chances? Do any of you guys continue to buy NX even if you've been hacked? :X

    I'm honestly really stuck lol. I'd like to get some items from the shop but at the same time it seems like there's a high chance I'll lose my stuff and get nothing but a mediocre (if that) compensation package to make up for it.

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    Most hackers now only strip ur character, only time they delete ur character is if it is personal. Even if ur character is deleted the nx items go back to ur cashshop for adventurers haven't tested with any other job, but I don't think they will since they don't share. I've played for 6 years and never been hacked, just choose good friends/don't be stupid with ur info.

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    Been playing for close to 4 years and have not been hacked on any characters. I wouldn't worry too much. A strong password and make sure you don't use your maple email for anything else and think that should be enough.

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    I have gotten hacked twice but the first time was my own fault (most likely, I never did find out). Second time, there was a sort of database leak, where people were being hacked left and right. Both of these were a long while ago.

    Right now, though, Nexon's customer service seems to have improved by a lot so you shouldn't have a problem, as long as you don't share your info with anyone or visit any suspicious sites. Also scan for keyloggers often just in case if you're that paranoid. Bottom line is, trust no one.

    I'd say you should be just fine.
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    I've been "hacked" once 5 years ago and it was my fault.

    Never again.

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    If you are this worried just dont spend money on the game and if you miss out on the perm sales right now they will most likely return. Nexon once said that perm pets would be very limited but they come back every month/new patch because thats when they sell the most. But after all if you are just buying the teleport rock its only 30 dollars and if Im not mistaken, everyone have spent more than 100 euros on a game, so it wouldnt hurt much (just dont go crazy and end up spending 100 euros weekly for potential system).

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    While people been hacked occurs quite frequent, I'm pretty sure you get the impression that most people get hacked at one point because of a sampling bias, people that don't get hacked don't go around saying it. If you maintain some common sense practices as changing your password frequently, not sharing your account info (including using the same info in fansites), and keeping a low profile there's a high chance you never get hacked.

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    I wouldn't worry too much yea lots of people get hacked.. But a lot more don't.
    Plus with how much maple points nexon is giving out, you might end up better off.

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    Yeah I've never been hacked and I've had this account (My main and only account) for slightly over 1 year now, and I've not been hacked. I accidentally put a YouTube video up with me logging in and it was just my library number. Changed my Pic but my password is still the same and yeah I am very worried about being hacked, but just make sure you change your pic every once in a while. I've never given my password to anyone except a really close friend of mine and he forgot it anyways. Just don't let people get your info and try not to visit any Maple related websites that make you download junk. Always scan your computer, I had keyloggers before but still never got hacked. BE LUCKY! Scan your PC a lot. I would say every night and clean your cache and temporary internet files.

    If I got hacked I would probably just quit. Not buy NX of course, waste my money on Facebook games. :3 Jk on that one ;)

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    I feel a lot better after reading the replies, thanks guys! And yeah, I changed my password to be even more secure, updated my security questions, and changed my account email to an email that wasn't being used for anything else. Of course, I'll be doing whatever else to stay as safe as possible, including changing my password/pic often. >: Thank you for all the suggestions!

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    I get NX whenever I feel like it. But i stopped because the mass hackings and hacker era 3.0 was going through. Seems Nexon has taken a new leaf and upped it's cyber security and customer service. It's not 100% safe, but I think it's ok to sp[en some NX for fun. Sometimes it's just a lot more enjoyable when you can see your character looking awesome.

    If anything, you can be like almost every other mapler, create a separate account and store stuff there. You could just charge it to that account and gift the things to your main. But that's limited to things that can be gifted. I have 3 accounts just to play all the different classes, so it makes sense. Plus if nexon ever derps in the game and gives compensation, there's a high chance free maple points for multiple accounts are in your future! :D



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