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  1. Default Anyone else with login issues?

    Sooo I can't log in to the game right now, and I keep getting "Wrong ID or Password" message. I've tried logging in a good amount of times now, (Yes I did type my PW correctly).

    So my first fear was, Oh no I got hacked. So I checked my email and no email in my inbox or my spam folder. Aren't I supposed to get an email if I had my ID/Password changed? (Plus they would need access to my email in the first place)

    So now I tried logging in through the gamelauncher, and am getting this error message "We're still processing your request at this time, so you don't have access to this game for now."

    Anyone else getting this? Or can tell me what happened?

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    Default Re: Anyone else with login issues?

    "Still processing your request" means the Nexon ID is not recognized.
    Try using your e-mail address instead.

  3. Default Re: Anyone else with login issues?

    I stopped using my Nexon ID to log-in around the MTS leak last year.

    But I figured out what happened though.
    I did get hacked, but because the Khaini servers were down at the time everything happened, I didn't loose anything.
    They somehow had access to my original email account, and reverted the ID to that. Then they changed my Nexon password and security questions.

    Luckily they didn't change the password to my email, or I would have been screwed.
    Oh well, working on changing everything right now.

    Thanks for your help :)



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