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  1. Default Thief Revamp free book quest

    I just SP reset my shadower and was trying to get the free mastery book from teh event. But every time I click to finish the quest, it doesn't do anything. I don't get a book and the quest isn't completed.

    It won't forfeit the quest and it won't give me anything (empty slots in inventory).

    Any help would be appreciated. If this is old, I just got back from vacation and haven't seen this problem yet, So thanks in advance for the help!

  2. Default Re: Thief Revamp free book quest

    Bumping this for relevancy. I get nothing as well. I want any of the new skill books, Quad Star, Star Mastery, or Dark Requiem or whatever, and the same thing happens to me. The box dissapears, quest doesnt complete, and I recieve nothing.

    My theory is that she is bugged for giving the New skill books. However, I do not want any of the old skill books (taunt, rly? shadow shifter? nty..), so Im not gonna test it.

  3. Default Re: Thief Revamp free book quest

    The quest is glitched at the moment. Not just for thieves, but for Jetts too >:(

  4. Default Re: Thief Revamp free book quest

    It worked the day of the revamp, I got almost all my skills max at 30, but I still need Shadow Shifter (and I guess that dumb ultimate, uggh) 20/30. Apart from MW that is!

    I happened to get a Dark Harmony 30 from the mystery book from the renegades shop, so if anyone needs that one, I will give it to you for free. (Khaini server asdf)



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