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    Default PVP

    Well i think i saw something that PVP will come in KMS soon, but even if there wasn't a image with this i want talk about the pvp, the old and the recent one, with ideas for a ''new one''.

    So the first pvp wasn't so bad, the problem of the old one, that it was unbalanced(maybe because the classes wasn't balanced) but even if you think that games with pvp(WOW) have better classes in pvp than others, i think somethings should change.

    The recent one was horrible because there was people koing me really easy because he had eqps(there was one bishop hiting 800k with his bahamoth/summon, and 1m was your life) and only one map, only one option so it was worst, it's more like how the Boss Arena is now, only pros can really win there, not like noobs, since it was based on your real rang, it made more unbalanced for me

    ------So there was the Free For All mode:
    Tt was good for some classes, i don't think you should change something, more about the points, that could give like 25% to 30% of your points to gallant emblem points and give more exp with the same points, because i thinked in a idea for other modes that make you get more points and exp if you compare to Free For ALL.

    ------There is the Team Match mode:(no image found)
    I thinked that all the points of the people should go together. Exemple: The party did 5k points, so all people would get it, but if you do 500 points you can get some extra points, for exemple: you get extra 50%of the points you did or less but something like that, then 10% of the points go to Gallant Emblem points, since this is much compared to FFA(Free For All), the FFA get more % of the points for Gallant Emblem points.

    -------Ice Knight Mode:
    I remember that i played much this mode, lv30~~70 almost all those lvs in the Ice Knight Mode it wasn't bad; so i thinked it should go like the Party Mode since it's one vs all, or can be like the FFA that i sugested, if it's like the Party Mode that i sugested, the ice knight shall get more points like peoples in FFA.

    --------Last , the Flag mode:
    I thinked Most of the points should go in the flags, each could give 500 points in the end, and if the team make 10 points, they win, and you get extra points of what you made solo, like the Team Match.

    I just thinked that they can see ways to icentivate people to go in PVP, even if not much, like put new itens/recipes in the shop and medals that can incentivate people just to get the medals(i collect medals so i would go to collect medals too).

    NOTE:If it's too complicate to nexon make 4 job ppls able to go there(lv140+), so nexon can do ppls lv: 30~~140/100 or 60~~140/100, these levels won't make problem with hyper skills or other stuffs(thinking that some classes need hyper to be complete), just the beggining of 4 job could go too, then nexon see what will be for hyper skill in pvp that only came after both PVPs.

    EDIT: don't want to have too much images in the post.

    EDIT 2: Look, i remember to get 70 and i couldn't go to the Rookie mode(lv30+ in the image) just the following one, and i was horrible because lv70 is the first lv of the Gladiator(lv70+ in the image) so i thinked it would be better to be unable to go to the Rookie mode only at lv71 or even 75 that the person get some points for the skills.

  2. Default Re: PVP

    I loved the first version of PVP. That is really all I did besides some events, did only PVP from 30-120+. Nova was small enough that you would see the same people most of the time and get to know the good PVPers. I also joined a pvp guild for a while (Iceknights) which was fun.

    Free for all was fun, but the imbalances in some classes made them have a much easier time in PVP. It was not too bad before 4th job where most classes did not have all their skills. The only annoying part would be the people that ran around without ever attacking and you wasted way to much time hunting them down.

    Team was a lot of fun with friends. Not to great with random peoples, some of them would purposely make you lose.

    IceKnights was interesting because everyone had to work together to kill him.

    I did not play capture the flag too much. It was fun, but a lot harder if your class was not mobile.

    I remember people would trade kills and points.

    Not trying to be mean, but I'm guessing English is not your first language?

  3. Default Re: PVP

    The old PvP was the best but it still had terrible balance problems.
    FFA was fun but the focus on points and no penalties to speak of (like dying) promoted suicide shotgun tactics unless you were indestructible like a BaM or Bishop. Jump down -> blow all your cooldowns -> die -> repeat. Gets pretty monotonous.
    Teams was probably the best mode. It is such an exciting mode and working together with teammates was the best part.
    Ice Knight kinda sucks... If Ice Knight just focuses on Dooming everyone, they will win every time. Unless the Ice Knight was nice and just attacked the entire time, the mode was pretty frustrating.
    Capture the Flag was fun when it released, but it was unrewarding. However, the worst part of CtF was the balance patch that came with it. It made everyone have super low HP to balance CtF, but in the process it broke the balance of FFA and Teams because everyone just died in 1 shot.

    The new PvP was a terrible joke of a mode. It was basically a shooting gallery for rich people, and like real life, getting shot meant you died on the spot.

    Though, the PvP tournament was probably the best fanmade event ever made in the history of Maple.

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    Default Re: PVP

    I loved the first version of PVP. But when they added a mini update to PVP a couple of days/hours later after the PVP patch was released, it ruined the fun for me. Since then, I haven't touched PVP.

  5. Default Re: PVP

    Old / "First Gen" PvP was the absolute best IMHO. Most fun I had in the game in a long time and I met a ton of new people and friends in the process. When they revamped PvP to where potential mattered, it instantly killed all enjoyment and interest I had in PvP, as well as basically 99% of the Khaini PvP community.

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    Default Re: PVP

    I hated capture the flag mode because of the changes it had on the other modes after they had added it. Not to mention how unbalanced that mode was and the low rewards it gave out compared to other modes.

    Pvp as it was originally released was probably the most fun I've had in this game ever though. Getting that back would probably be the only way I would ever become active in this game again.



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