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    Alright guys I have heard from many people that the lag doesn't occur to them so the issue must be me.
    Edit: While trying to launch from the website I got error 110001 and I cannot ping

    Ever since this Jett update I have been lagging like CRAZY. The lag is off and on, but still noticeable. The only time I really didn't have any lag was while training yesterday, but I did have lag changing channels and often DC'd while changing Channels. For some reason when I would DC Maple would not shut down but it would go to the login screen and say "You have been disconnected from the login server" or some message like that. Not the usual close-out Maple, like it always does when I "DC". Same setup didnt change anything install anything really. What I tried doing was Disk Cleanup, of course usual stuff and I changed my locale back from Korean to English. The problem occurs on all the servers I have tried. Demethos, Scania, Bera, KHAINI OF COURSE, and etc. etc. This problem NEVER occurred until the Jett update.

    Says my graphics card is Intel but I have that weird goofy thing that switched between the nvidia GT540M and the Intel crap integrated stuff.

    Computer Specs:


    Local Server:

    California Server (Closest to Nexon)
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